Encampment at Cattle Point in Oak Bay

During the evening of October 17th, 2018 the tent encampment set up at Cattle Point in Oak Bay.

This morning, we attended to keep the peace while the District of Oak Bay served an invoice on the camp leader for costs associated to their previous activities in Oak Bay.  The invoice was served without incident.

The campers were also notified that they are in breach of Oak Bay’s bylaws.  Specifically, individuals can not erect tents or structures in a park in Oak Bay without a permit.  This is a bylaw that we have enforced recently on a group of campers from West Vancouver who overnighted in Oak Bay while visiting the area.  Those individuals left immediately and without incident once informed of the bylaw.

We have also received a complaint from the District of Oak Bay that the campers are interfering with the lawful use of that area of the park by others and are rendering it inoperative to others.  This constitutes the criminal offence of Mischief.

Members of the Oak Bay Police Department have and will continue to conduct themselves respectfully and professionally. 

We would like to thank the public for their patience.

Ray Bernoties

Deputy Chief

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