Media Release Update August 22, 2018

Further to our media release on August 19, 2018 regarding a stolen vehicle in Oak Bay:

Oak Bay PD advises that as a result of the media coverage, a Victoria based towing company called the Oak Bay Police Department on August 21 to report that the stolen car had been towed and impounded in the late afternoon of August 20th.  The Oldsmobile had been found parked illegally near Quadra Avenue and View Street.  Oak Bay PD investigators have examined the vehicle with the assistance of the Forensics Identification Services.  The keys were located in the car and nothing was reported to be missing from the vehicle, nor was there any reported damage.  The car has since been returned to the owner.  We are not able to discuss any details of the car examination in consideration of the ongoing investigation.  

The Oak Bay Police Department continue to appeal to the public for any information that may assist in the investigation. 

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