Suspicious Fires

The District of Oak Bay has experienced 3 fires in the 2000 Block of Frederick Norris Road over a three day period. On Tuesday July 24th at 10:30 am a car was noted to be on fire in a carport. The Oak Bay Fire Department attended and extinguished the fire. On Thursday July 26th at 12:20 pm a small wood pile was found to be on fire in the carport at a different residence on the street. Civilians were able to put that fire out due its small size with a garden hose but the Oak Bay Fire Department attended to ensure the fire was out and to identify the possible cause. Later on Thursday July 26th at 6:30 pm a neighbour noted a wooden compost box to be on fire in the backyard of the same house where the car fire had taken place. A neighbour was able to put that fire out with a garden hose due to the small size. The Oak Bay Fire Department attended to ensure the fire was out and to assess possible cause.

The Oak Bay Fire and Police Departments have spoken to a number of residents on Frederick Norris Road to ensure they are aware of the situation and that general fire safety practices are in place. The departments are working together to determine the cause of these fires and to identify any similar incidents in the area. While we have not confirmed that all three fires were set, at this point we do feel that that two were. It is recognized that these circumstances will be concerning to the community, in particular those living in the immediate neighbourhood. This situation is being actively investigated. The Forensics Identification Section has been brought in and the police are working closely with the fire investigators. There has been information received providing an solid avenue of investigation. Efforts are underway to pursue this and to ensure public safety is maintained. No further information can be provided on the investigation at this time.

While the fires confirmed as set were small in nature and there is much work being done to address this situation, the public are asked to continue to be good neighbours and keep an eye one each other’s properties. Please continue to report any suspicious activity.

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