Update: Missing 82 year old Gladys Barman

Cowichan Search & Rescue are deploying to search the area around Genoa Bay and Maple Bay.  Its important to note that we have not had a confirmed sighting so we still need people to be on the look out for Ms Barman and her vehicle elsewhere.  

The information received was that Ms. Barman may have been seen in her vehicle on Stoney Hill Rd at about 13:15 hrs on July 5th (that was the day she was last seen at the Petro Can on West Saanich Rd at 10am). 

 The individual providing the information believes she had limited gas in her car at that time and she asked where the nearest gas station was.  She has not used her credit card since 10am that morning. 

Despite our inability to confirm that this was Ms. Barman, the information received today is such that we, the RCMP, and Cowichan Search & Rescue are following up on it to the best of our ability. 

We appreciate the assistance we’re receiving from the public, the media, and our public safety partners.


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