Weekly Media Release April 1 – 8, 2018

On April 4th, the Oak Bay Police received a report of a theft from vehicle in the Sunset Avenue area. Vehicle was left unlocked and approximately $1000 dollars worth of property was stolen. Oak Bay Police are reminding residents to ensure their vehicle are locked and all valuables are removed or locked in the trunk.

The Oak Bay Police have also received two separated and unrelated “Phishing” scams from both Rogers and the Apple. Police are again encouraging residents to not provide any personal or financial information to unsolicited emails or letters you may receive. If unsure, contact the business directly or contact police or the Canadian Anti Fraud Center for advice.

On April 5th, Oak Bay Police received a complaint from the Oak Bay Public Works when one of their workers was hit by the mirror of a truck who disregarded the “Road Closed” signs. The worker sustained no injury; however, the driver went through the work zone contrary to the road being closed, potentially jeopardizing other workers safety. The driver will be issued a violation ticket for that offence.

 Oak Bay Police investigated several motor vehicle collisions that resulted in extensive vehicle damage, fortunately no injuries were sustained. One rear-end collision occurred when the driver was too busy looking at the unrelated collision and rear-end the vehicle in front. Police again remind the motoring public to pay strict attention when driving through work sites and accident sites.

Two separate drivers where stopped for traffic violations. One driver received a 90-Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and had their vehicle impounded for 30 days. The other driver received a 3-Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition. Police are reminding the public to use transit, taxi or “dial a driver” to get home safely after consuming liquor. Police are constantly watching out for impaired drivers regardless of the time of year.

On April 7th, Oak Bay Police/Fire and BC Ambulance responded to a fall on the sidewalk. The elderly person sustained serious injury as a result of the fall. If you see any sidewalks lifting from tree roots, please advise police or the Oak Bay Publics works immediately to repair the hazard.

On April 8th, Oak Bay Fire/Police responded to a garbage can fire at Lafayette Park. It appears to be accidentally set after a lit cigarette was discarded into the can. With the weather getting warmer, please ensure discarded cigarettes are extinguished properly.

Oak Bay Police received a report of a theft of $800 dollars worth of marine gear from a boat moored in the Oak Bay Marina.

Oak Bay Police also received two separate incidents of road rage where the drivers after being “cut off” chased the offending driver to the Oak Bay Police Department. Each incident was highly charged and potentially jeopardized the safety of the motoring public and pedestrians alike.


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