Weekly Media Release April 30 – May 6, 2019

Police responded to a suspicious fire in the early Friday morning in the 2100 block of Cadboro Bay Rd. A mattress that was outside and next to an apartment building there was on fire and caused some damage to the building. The building was evacuated and the Oak Bay Fire Department dealt with the blaze. The Forensic Ident. Section attended and examined the scene. Residents were later allowed to return to their units except one unit, which had been affected by the fire.  

With Summer close by and outside temperatures increasing, the Oak Bay Police would like to remind pet owners not to leave their animals in vehicles without adequate shade, ventilation and water.

Also, with people enjoying their back yards and hosting parties for friends and family please be mindful of noise affecting (annoying) your neighbours. If you are planning an event at your home or in your backyard, consider notifying your immediate neighbours of your plans some days in advance.

Two road safety reminders:

  1. Please keep your head up when crossing the street, even in a marked crosswalk. Eye contact with motorists will help assure your safety when crossing. The unplanned meeting of a distracted driver and an inattentive pedestrian crossing the street could have serious consequences.
  2. Please wear a helmet when cycling. It is not just the law in B.C., but also just a very good idea to increase your odds of escaping a serious head injury in case of a crash.

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