Weekly Media Release Aug. 25 – Sept. 1, 2019

Sunday August 25th, suspect(s) attempted to gain entry to a home by way of a pre-existing broken ground floor window in the 2700 block of Lincoln Rd. Fortunately the home alarm activated and police responded immediately. No entry was gained and nothing was stolen.

Sunday August 25th, an intoxicated female broke into her ex-boyfriend’s residence and passed out. Female was transported to hospital for observations. No charges will be pursued by the home owner.

Monday August 26th, police responded to Willows Beach for a report of a possible impaired driver. Upon police arrival, the driver and passenger appeared to be unresponsive to repeated banging on the windows. Due to the concern that the occupants may have been overdosing on narcotic drugs, police broke the window to gain entry. Only after applying a “sternal rub”, were both occupants roused. It appears they had passed out from alcohol use only. After being examined by EHS, the driver was subsequently arrested for impaired driving and issued a 90-day immediate roadside suspension. The vehicle was impounded for 30-days. The driver had a novice license and will face additional penalties from RoadSafetyBC.

Tuesday August 27th, an unlocked vehicle was rummaged through during the night in south Oak Bay near the Chinese Cemetery.

Tuesday August 27th, a complainant discovered his fiberglass dingy was stolen in the 3400 block of Ripon Rd. The complainant last seen his dingy 2 ½ months earlier.

Saturday August 31st, while an Oak Bay officer was assisting Saanich Police in the Richmond Rd area, he stopped a vehicle that had its trunk lid open while it was driving. A mandatory roadside screening demand was made and the female driver registered a “FAIL” reading on the approved screening device. The female was subsequently arrested for impaired driving and her license was suspended for 90-days. Her vehicle was also impounded for 30-days.

Saturday August 31st, a vehicle was stolen in the 2200 block of Kinross Ave area after the keys had been accidentally left in the vehicle. This file is still under investigation.

Saturday August 31st, an unlocked vehicle was entered in the 2600 block of Dunlevy St overnight. Several items had been stolen.

Sunday September 1st, police responded to a construction site for a noise bylaw breach. The male that was working was checked and it turned out he had an outstanding arrest warrant out of Central Saanich. He was subsequently turn over to Central Saanich Police for processing.

Sunday September 1st, police responded to a report of another break and enter to a residence in the 3400 block of Beach Dr. Forced entry was made by the culprit(s) and some items of value where stolen. This file is still under investigation.

The Capital Regional area has had a rash of B&E’s. All departments are working collectively together to identify the suspect(s). The police are requesting the public to be alert of any person(s) or vehicle in their neighborhood that appear to be out of place. Note a detailed description of the person(s) or vehicle, license plate, direction of travel and advise the police immediately.

If you’re away from your home for some time, let the police know by way of the vacant home check program. The police will check on your home only if time permits, and it’s important you have a neighbor or friend that can pick up your mail and check on your home as often as possible.

If you have an alarm, ensure it works and have a property rep available to respond to the residence upon an alarm activation. Consider using a timer for internal lights to give the appearance the home is occupied. Also consider having motion activated lights around your property.

Before leaving, ensure you lock up any ladders, garden tools, bikes etc. Ensure all of your windows are locked (even second floor windows). Consider trimming back shrubbery around doors or windows that can afford a thief concealment.

If you have CCTV cameras, ensure they are working, clean off dust and cobwebs from the lense. Likewise consider using a video doorbell that can alert you when someone is at your front door.

If your neighborhood does not have “Block Watch”, consider starting up one. Contact the Oak Bay Police Department for information on the startup process. An officer will attend your neighborhood meeting to speak on security.

If you need advice on home security, you can speak to a local police officer or look up a local firm on the internet who can do an in-depth assessment of your home’s security and property.

If you have any information on the above noted crimes, please contact Crime Stoppers or the Oak Bay Police Department.

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