Weekly Media Release Aug. 18 – Aug. 25, 2019

Oak Bay Police attended to 103 calls for service this week. Of note are the following:

Monday August 19th, a protester at Cattle Point was arrested when he tried to make a “citizens arrest” on the Environment Minister who was making a federal announcement. The male was held briefly and later released with no charges or conditions. (previously reported).

Tuesday August 19 at 11:00 am, a homeowner interrupted a B&E in progress in their residence in the 3200 block of Ripon Rd. It appears nothing was stolen, however the police were not advised of the incident until 24 hours later. Police would like to remind the public to call 911 should you experience a similar incident.  This investigation is still ongoing, however if you had witnessed anything or anybody unusual in the area on that day, please call the Oak Bay Police Dept or Crime Stoppers.

This week there were three separate reports of a total of 4 bikes stolen from unlocked garages, driveways, etc. Two of those bikes where later recovered and returned to the owners.  A friendly reminder that if your bike has any value to you, please lock it up in a secure room or use a heavy duty chain lock. Although chain locks can be grinded through, it will take the thief time and will make a lot of noise in the process. Cable locks are easily cut with bolt cutters which are quiet. Speak to your local bike shop and get advice on how to best lock up your bike.

Sometime between August 18th & 19th, an unlocked vehicle was entered in the 2800 block of Dunlevy Street. A Louis Vuitton wallet containing credit cards and cash were stolen.

August 21st, Police, Fire & EHS responded to a 2 vehicle crash at Newport Ave/Windsor Rd. The cause of the crash appears to have been the result of the driver being distracted.  Witnesses are asked to call the Oak Bay Police.

August 21st, Police responded to Anderson Hill Park for a report of a male yelling at a female. Members recognized the female from an earlier complaint, however the male who was with her had strict conditions to not be in contact or communicate with her. The male was subsequently arrested for the breach and due to his extensive history (13 convictions of breach) was remanded in custody.

August 22nd, Police, Fire & EHS responded to a 2 vehicle crash at Central Ave/Newport Ave. Damage was extensive to one vehicle when the side compartment of the commercial vehicle opened up and struck the other vehicle. Fortunately no one was injured.

August 22nd, a senior citizen received a call from “Visa” stating there was a fraudulent purchase of $5000 on her credit card at EBay. Upon request, the senior provided her credit card number, expiry and 3 digit security number. The fraudster then used this info and scammed the senior out of $5000 dollars. The senior then received a call from the real VISA Company advising her of this fraudulent purchase, and that they cancelled her credit card. Later on, the original scammers called back and tried to defraud her again. This time the senior was wise to the scam and hung up.

August 23rd, a pedestrian had her foot run over by a motorist at the corner of Bowker Ave/ Cadboro Bay Rd. The pedestrian was subsequently transported to hospital with minor injuries and will make a full recovery.

Oak Bay Police also responded to 6 unrelated mental health calls.

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