Weekly Media Release August 20-26, 2018

On August 24th at approximately 0600 hrs, the Oak Bay Police responded to a copper theft in the underground parking lot of the Monterey Centre located at 1442 Monterey Avenue. The dayshift staff of the recreation centre reported the incident. Police attended and noted a large 3” diameter copper pipe approximately 100’ was on the ground of the of the parking lot. The pipe was carefully taken down as the metal supports were unscrewed. The suspects also used a commercial style ratchet strap to secure a shorter piece of the piping that branched out from the main copper pipe. It appears that a vehicle was used to pull on the ratchet strap which caused the large section of the pipe to fall to the ground which would caused a significant amount of noise. The hardware from the ratchet strap along with a discarded exacto knife was seized for further investigation by the Forensic Identification Section.  The entire section of the copper pipe was intact. The suspects were unable remove the large pipe from the area. The file is still under investigation.



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