Weekly Media Release Dec 17-Dec 23, 2018

On December 19th, the Oak Bay Police responded to a theft of a computer at UVIC. A student went to the bathroom and upon returning he noticed a male was going through his backpack. The suspect stole the students Microsoft Surface Pro notepad which was in a black keyboard case.

On December 10th, a male was heard yelling in the 1700 block of Monterey Avenue. The male was intoxicated and assaulted two police officers. A physical altercation occurred and the suspect was charged with two counts of Assaulting a Police Officer and Causing a Disturbance.

On December 12th, the police conducted a roadblock in the 3100 block of Foul Bay Road. A vehicle was stopped and an odour of liquor was emanating from his breath. An approved screening device (ASD) was utilized and the instrument displayed a WARN reading. A second test was performed and another WARN reading was displayed. The male’s drivers licence was seized for three days.

 On December 22nd, the police conducted an Impaired Driving check stop at the intersection of Cadboro Bay Road and Eastdowne Road. The police officer detected an odour of liquor coming from the driver’s breath. An ASD was used and the display showed a WARN reading. The driver’s vehicle was impounded for three days and their driver’s licence was also seized for three days.

 On December 22nd, a male approached a roadblock and a strong odour of fresh marijuana was emanating from the vehicle. A standard Field Sobriety Test was conducted and the driver failed the test.  The driver was issued a 24-Hour Prohibition and his vehicle was towed from the scene.  

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