Weekly Media Release February 5-11, 2018

On February 5th, just after 11am, police were called to the Oak Bay High School following the report of a male attempting to steal a bicycle from behind the gym. The male is described as being in his mid to late 40’s, wearing blue jeans, a black hoodie and a toque. He was interrupted by a student just before he had completely made it through the bike’s cable lock with a pair of bolt cutters. He left the school heading westbound on Cadboro Bay Road.

We did not locate this male and unfortunately, bike thefts are not uncommon from our local schools and public areas. Bike owners are reminded that cable locks can be defeated relatively easily compared to U-locks and that quick release seats and wheels should also be secured. The OBPD is actively investigating these thefts and further enforcement plans are in the works.

On February 7th, around 9:30 In the morning, an alert citizen noticed two suspicious males in Bowker Creek Park to the west of Hampshire Road. The men looked like they were stripping a bike for its pieces.

Police attended and caught one of the males as he was leaving towards the school. The 37-year-old male lied about his name at first. He was subsequently identified and a warrant will be requested for his arrest on a charge of “obstructing a police officer”.

As noted, this suspect was identified because a member of the public reported the suspicious activity. The public are the eyes and ears of the police. By reporting suspicious activity, even if it seems inconsequential in the moment, you might help us to solve something much bigger.

Registering your bike will help us return it and also help us ensure that suspects are charged with Possession of Stolen Property.

Shortly after midnight on February 8th, a vehicle was stopped in the 2000 block of Cadboro Bay Road for speeding and having a burnt out headlight. The 20 year old “Novice” driver smelled of liquor and provided samples of his breath that showed his ability drive was affected by alcohol. He received a three day prohibition from driving and his vehicle was towed.

At noon on Friday, February 9th, an officer’s attention was drawn to a vehicle speeding on Bowker Avenue towards Beach. Upon stopping the vehicle, it was determined that the adult female driver was impaired. She lost her licence for 90 days and her vehicle for 30 days.

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