Weekly Media Release July 31-Aug 6 2017

On August 1st, the police received a report of a stolen bike tire from a locked bicycle in an underground parkade located in the 1200 block of Beach Drive.

On August 4th, at 8:15 am a patrol member observed a seatbelt violation in the 3600 block of Cadboro Bay Road. The vehicle was pulled over and the police officer subsequently smelled a strong odour of liquor emanating from the driver’s breath. The driver provided two suitable breath samples showing a “WARN” both times. The driver was issued a 3-day Immediate Driving Prohibition and the vehicle was towed from the roadway. The driver stated that while he had consumed alcohol the night before, he felt enough time had passed to be able to operate a vehicle that morning.  The Oak Bay Police would like to remind the public care must be given in giving yourself an adequate amount of time for the alcohol to dissipate from your body after a night out.

On August 4th, an Oak Bay resident attended the Oak Bay Police Department regarding a Mexico timeshare re-sale scam.  The complainant had been contacted by a company purporting that they had a potential buyer for their timeshare. The owner was convinced that there was a legitimate buyer and was requested to pay some fees for the overall transaction.  They were later informed that the timeshare sale did not go ahead as planned and had to pay extra fees in attempt to get their money back from the Bank of Mexico.  Unscrupulous companies will typically contact you by phone, mail or the Internet asking you to call a phone number about your timeshare. The salesperson may claim that the market is “hot” for resales, when in fact the market varies considerably depending on location and prime season for that particular unit. These fraudulent companies charge advanced fees associated to the scam.  A search of the Internet showed that this company has been involved in fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, it is difficult to investigate these types of incidents due to their international nature.  The homeowner was provided with contact information for the RCMP Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:

On August 4th, the police attended the 1200 block of Beach Drive where unknown persons accessed a secured locker area inside an apartment building and forced entry to at least eight storage lockers. The suspect most likely used a bolt cutter or a similar tool to cut the padlocks off the storage doors to gain access to the lockers. The police are working with the apartment manager to identify the owners of the storage lockers. The investigation is ongoing to determine if anything was stolen?


On August 6th, a police member on a foot patrol in Cattle Point noticed a youth about to start to light up a cigarette. The police member was just cautioning the youth about the current fire hazard warning at this time of the year. While talking to the youth who was in company with his friend the police member noticed a marijuana grinder in plain view with fresh bud inside it. Both males were queried on the police database system which showed prior drug possession. The police also seized a large glass bong and their parents were contacted regarding the drug seizure. No charges resulted.

On August 6th, the Oak Bay Police Department conducted a roadblock in the 900 block of Foul Bay Road and a 3-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) was served on an impaired driver and their vehicle was impounded for 3 days.

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