Weekly Media Release June 30 – July 7

The Oak Bay Police have responded to 104 calls for service this week. Of note:

On July 1st, police received a report of an impaired driver in the 1300 block of Beach Drive. The complainant felt the driver looked visibly intoxicated, however no license plate was obtained and when police responded to the area, the vehicle was gone. If possible, please try to obtain a license plate, make, model & colour of the vehicle along with a description of the driver. This will allow the police to better chance to intercept the suspect vehicle or follow up at their residence.

On July 3rd, police received a report from a traffic control flagger at the construction site on Bowker Ave when a vehicle ignored the flagger that the road was closed and then drove onto the side walk to get around, narrowly striking the flagger. This action is not only an offence under the Criminal Code or Motor Vehicle Act, but risks the lives of the flaggers and construction workers. Police remind motorists that although the many construction sites may be frustrating to your commute, you should put yourself in their shoes before making such a dangerous decision.

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