Weekly Media Release Mar. 1 – Mar. 7, 2021

On Monday March 1st, the Oak Bay Police received a theft complaint that had occurred during the previous night in the south Oak Bay area. The thief had accessed the private property of a residence on King George Terrace and stole an 11 foot Kahuna stand-up paddle board that was stored near the house. The board has a hole at the front of the board that has been filled with silicone and also has a nose wire loop. There are no witnesses or suspects related to the offence at this time. (OB File 2021-539).

On Tuesday evening March 2nd, Oak Bay Police received a complaint of an individual accessing recycle materials in a condominium parking lot. Once recyclables are placed curbside they can be legally accessed by the public. This is not the case with recyclables on private property. Locking recycle bins and posting private property sign can discourage collectors and assist police with enforcement action. (OB 2021-573)

On March 3rd, Oak Bay Police were called to attend a minor three-car collision on Cadboro Bay Rd. The last vehicle in a row of three vehicles, a black Jaguar, failed to stop for the two preceding vehicles, a black Audi and a white VW, that had come to a stop at a red light. The last car hit the car in front of it which in turn bumped into the car in front of it. No injuries were reported at the time and vehicle damage was relatively minor. (OB 2021-587)

On March 5th, Oak Bay Police received a report from a motorist who provided vehicle dash-cam video to police from the previous evening. The video showed a grey colored mini van approaching the intersection of Bowker Ave and Hampshire Rd and drive through the four way stop controlled intersection without any effort or attempt to brake or come to a stop. The video then shows the van turning north onto Cadboro Bay Rd. Efforts to identify the van were unsuccessful because the licence plate was not legible in the video. (OB 2021-598)

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