Weekly Media Release March 26 – April 1, 2018

On March 26th at approximately 1 am., the Oak Bay Police observed a vehicle speeding westbound on Cedar Hill Cross Road, in Oak Bay. The driver registered a warning result on an approved screening device and was issued a 3-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition as well as a ticket for speeding. The vehicle was parked legally and the driver was driven home by a relative.

On March 27th at 11:50 pm, the Oak Bay Police observed a vehicle speeding on Beach Drive, in Oak Bay. Investigation resulted in the driver providing a warning result on an approved screening device and being served with a 3-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition.  The vehicle was towed by police officers who drove the driver home.

On March 28, at 9 am, multiple Oak Bay Police and Fire members attended a school zone in the 3400 block of Henderson Road, in Oak Bay for a single vehicle motor vehicle incident, where the vehicle involved, was on the lawn facing the roadway in the 3400 bock Henderson Road after striking another parked vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was identified and upon further investigation provided a Fail result into an approved screening device. The driver was arrested for Impaired Driving.

On March 28th, a wallet belonging to Alberta visitors in town for their daughter’s wedding was found on Oak Bay Avenue, in Oak Bay, and was turned into the Oak Bay Police.  It was eventually returned to its rightful owners who were overjoyed with its return as well as all of its contents.  A second wallet the same day was recovered and returned to its owner as well.  Way to go Oak Bay Public!!!

Recently, Oak Bay has been the target of a series of Tagging/Graffiti types of vandalism. With the public’s assistance, a suspect has been identified, and the investigation is continuing.

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