Weekly Media Release March 5-11, 2018

On March 7th, the Oak Bay Police attended a glass break alarm at a business complex in the 2000 block of Cadboro Bay Road. Members noted that the front glass door to one of the businesses had been damaged, however no entry was gained. A dog track was conducted with negative results. The unknown suspect used a rock to smash the glass. The property reference attended and secured the door.

 On March 7th, a local resident found two licence plates at the Cedar Hill Golf Course and they were handed over to the police. The licence plates were queried on the police data system and both plates were reported stolen from Saanich’s jurisdiction. The Saanich Police Department were notified of the seizure and the plates were forwarded to ICBC.

 On March 9th, the Saanich Police Department reported a male was involved in an assault in Saanich and he fled his residence heading towards Willows Beach. Members from the Oak Bay Police Department located the male in his vehicle and he was arrested for assault and handed over to the Saanich Police Department.

 On March 9th, the Oak Bay Police Department received a complaint of a suspicious male in the 2100 block of Oak Bay Avenue. Police members attended and located the male who had an Unendorsed issued from the Vancouver Police Department . The male was arrested on the strength of the warrant and held in-custody for a tele-bail hearing and he was subsequently remanded for the weekend.

 On March 10th, the Oak Bay Police Department responded to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Cedar Hill Cross Road and Cadboro Bay Road. Both vehicles were at a stop sign waiting for traffic to open on Cadboro Bay Road. The first vehicle rolled forward and suddenly stopped, the vehicle directly behind rear-ended the vehicle causing significant damage. The driver was issued a violation ticket for “Following too Closely”.

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