Weekly Media Release May 12-19, 2014

On May 13th a patron at the Oak Bay Rec Centre reported the theft of her wallet from an unlocked locker in the women’s changeroom. There have been several similar thefts reported to the police so far this year, both from change rooms and the open cubbies upstairs in the gym. Seldom have there been thefts from locked lockers. Please lock up your valuables.

On May 14th a male working beside his truck on Oak Bay Ave was lightly struck by the outside mirror of a passing SUV. The SUV driver stopped, acknowledged the collision, said sorry and drove away. The Motor Vehicle Act requires all drivers directly or indirectly involved in an accident on a highway to (a) remain at or immediately return to the scene of the accident; (b) render all reasonable assistance; (c) produce in writing to any other driver involved in the accident and to anyone sustaining loss or injury, and, on request, to a witness his or her name and address, the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle, the license number of the vehicle, and particulars of the motor vehicle insurance. The male did not require medical attention.

The Oak Bay Police and Fire Departments have responded to several beach fires in the past week. Outdoor fires, including backyard burning and beach fires, are not permitted in Oak Bay without a permit. Fines up to $2,000 may be imposed.

With the grad season upon us the police are attending more house parties where person are consuming alcohol while under 19 years – frequently with the parents of the home in attendance. The Liquor Control and Licencing Act definition of “supply liquor to a minor” includes permitting a minor to consume liquor in or at a place under the person’s control. So anyone who is in charge of a house or property where underage drinking is occurring could face a minimum fine of $500.

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