Weekly Media Release May 5-11, 2014

On Tuesday, May 6th, shortly after 3:00 pm, police were called to the 2100 block of Penzance Rd after the homeowner reported someone trying to break into their house. The suspect attempted to pry open the front door of the house with what appears to have been a large crow bar. When he was confronted by the homeowner he fled. The suspect is described as male, 20-30 years old with a medium build, wearing a grey sweater and a straw “hip hop” style hat (like a small brimmed fedora). Police K9 was called in but the suspect was not located.

At 5:00 on the evening of May 6th, police were notified of the theft of a wallet from the men’s change room of the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. No suspects identified at this time. At approximately the same time a vehicle was pulled over on Hampshire Road for a stop sign violation. The male driver appeared to have been drinking prior to being stopped and a Roadside Test confirmed that his ability to drive a motor vehicle was affected by alcohol. He received a three day prohibition from driving and his vehicle was towed.

Sometime overnight on May 6/7, an older, grey, fibreglass canoe was taken from in front of a residence in the 500 block of Beach Drive. There are no suspects identified at this time. Later that same day, May 7th, police received the report of several items having been taken off of boats at the Oak Bay Marina overnight. One boat had a padlock to the front cabin cut and four expensive fishing rods/reels were stolen. While investigating this call, the attending officer was approached by another boat owner stating that two newer crab traps had been taken from beside his boat as well. There are no suspects at this time.

At 3:30 pm on May 7th, a concerned citizen called police to report a shirtless male walking on McNeill Avenue swinging a martial arts weapon known as nunchucks. The man was located, still in possession of the apparent prohibited weapon. Considering the male was armed, great caution was taken and the male was ordered to put the nunchucks down. He was cooperative and the investigation quickly revealed that the nunchucks were made of foam. No offense was found to have been committed and the male was warned about the possible consequences of wielding an apparent weapon in public.

On May 8th, police took a report of theft from a business in the 2000 block of Oak Bay Avenue. Apparently, the day before someone had entered the business through the unlocked, rear door and helped themselves to condiments from the lunch room. The complainant reported that an unkempt male, aged about 25 years, skinny, 5’11” and wearing all black was observed inside. They also report that “homeless” types have been frequenting the area behind their shop and have also invited themselves in through the unlocked rear door to use the washroom. The owner was spoken to about security measures they might consider employing.

At 1:45 am on Friday, May 9th, police stopped a vehicle driving northbound on Cadboro Bay Road. The officer believed that male driver had been drinking and administered a roadside test. The results of that test would normally have indicated a three day suspension from driving however, the male had received 3-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition just weeks prior. As this was the second instance where he registered a “Warn” on the roadside screening device, he was issued a 7-day prohibition and his vehicle was impounded.

The impaired driving investigations continued on May 9th/10th with two more 3-day prohibitions being issued. The first was just after 11:00 pm on Richmond Road. A vehicle had been stopped behind a marked police car at the intersection of Fort Street. Both were waiting at the green light to turn left with the police car already in the intersection. The vehicle was observed to make a turn against the yellow light. The minivan was subsequently stopped, the driver was found to have consumed alcohol and a roadside test administered. The unlicensed driver received a three-day prohibition, a violation ticket for no driver’s licence, a warning for the yellow light and the vehicle was impounded. The second investigation this evening occurred after midnight on Foul Bay Road when a vehicle with a defective headlight was pulled over. The driver had been drinking, registered a Warn into the roadside screening device and also received a 3-day prohibition from diving and the vehicle was impounded.

On Saturday morning, several people reported that their vehicles had been entered and items taken sometime overnight. The thefts all occurred in the Carnarvon Park neighbourhood and all of the vehicles appear to have been left unlocked. Items taken include parking change, a ring and an MP3 player. People need to LOCK their vehicles at night!

Finally, on Sunday, May 11 at 11:00am, police were notified of the theft of an 8 foot dinghy with a 3HP Nissan motor attached, from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. The dinghy had been in one of the slips at the yacht club. It was last seen on the previous evening. Members of the OBPD located the dinghy, minus the motor, at Cattle Point several hours later and arrange for its return to its owner.

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