Weekly Media Release May 5 – May 12, 2019

The Oak Bay Police responded to a theft in progress from a local business involving sun glasses. The suspect was gone upon arrival, however police obtained CCTV footage and continue to investigate the matter in order to identify the suspect.

The Oak Bay Police then responded to a report of a transit bus striking a deer along Foul Bay Road and Carrick Street. The deer was deceased, and although the bus sustained damage to its windshield, no passengers were injured.

Oak Bay Police conducted patrols along the Willows Beach and spoke to several individuals about open consumption of liquor on the beach.  Police would like to remind the public that it is illegal to consume of possess open liquor in public. The penalty can be up to $230 dollars under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act.  

Police received a call at approximately 11:20 PM of a cyclist having been stuck at the intersection of Oak Bay Ave and Wilmot Place. The cyclist sustained minor injuries and declined to go to the hospital. Police are again reminding the motoring public to watch out for cyclists including those who are not using lights (as required under the Motor Vehicle Act). We’re also reminding cyclists that the fine for cycling with no lights during dark hours is $109 dollars. A light is much cheaper.

A resident in the 1700 Block of Hampshire Road has had their front lawn damaged five separate times this year from a suspect vehicle doing a “burn out”. This recent incident occur during the early hours of the morning. If you see or hear a suspect vehicle, please attempt to obtain a description and the license plate number for police.

Oak Bay Police and Fire responded to an overdose in the 2000 Block of Oak Bay Avenue. The person was successfully revived with the administration of Naloxone. Police are reminding you that should you use Opioid drugs, do not use by yourself and have a Naloxone kit available.

Oak Bay Police received two separate reports of graffiti that had been located on a vehicle in the 2000 block of Neil Street and on the sign and building at the Carnarvon Lawn Bowling Club. Photos were taken of the graffiti tags and will be compared to known “taggers” for criminal charges of mischief.

Oak Bay Police received a report that a B&E had occurred at the UVIC Fisheries Lab. Expensive equipment was stolen. The investigation is ongoing.

Police assisted Oak Bay Fire with traffic control when a gas line was accidentally ruptured. If you plan to dig, call the gas company to determine where the gas lines are located in your area.

Several frauds were reported this week involving thousands of dollars. If you receive a call or email in regards to money or banking information. Do not provide any personal information and simply hang up. Likewise, do not open or respond to any emails. If concerned, make an appointment or call your financial institution in regards to the matter.

If you have any information for police on the above noted matters please call Oak Bay Police or Crime Stoppers.

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