Weekly Media Release Oct. 14 – October 20

On October 16th the Oak Bay Police received a report of a suspected arson at the public washrooms at Quimper Street Park. Police attended, preceded by Oak Bay Fire Department, to find the building damaged by the fires that had been set in the garbage cans and towel dispensers. There are no witnesses or suspects to the crime at this time.

On October 17th Oak Bay Police dealt with an issue involving students vaping, starting in the middle school grades. Vaping is prohibited on school grounds and this rule may be enforced with school suspensions if students are found to be in violation.

On October 18th at about 2:30 AM the Oak Bay Police were alerted to a suspicious person in the 2000 block of Oak Bay Avenue. Police attended and located a male who was wanted on an outstanding warrant and he consequently arrested and taken into custody and held to attend court.

On October 19th at about 6 AM police responded to a call on Central Avenue where a local resident was woken up by the sound of his car horn. His vehicle was parked in his driveway. The resident checked on his car and found an unknown intoxicated woman in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The vehicle had been unlocked. Police attended but the woman had already left the area on foot and was not located. If you don’t want strangers stealing from or sleeping in your car, we highly recommend locking your doors.

Also on October 19th, the Oak Bay Police attended to a Deal Street address at the request of the Victoria Police Department to locate a male who was wanted on an outstanding warrant. Oak Bay Police officers located the man at the house and executed the warrant. The male was held to attend court.

On October 20th police investigated a report of a cougar sighting in the university woods across from the Henderson Recreation Centre. The caller believed to have seen a cougar near the pump station just before midnight. Officers attended and walked through the area shortly afterward but did not see the animal or any conclusive tracks.  

The Oak Bay Police received 5 abandoned 911 calls.  As a reminder, please do not hang up if you call 911 in error.  Stay on the phone and wait until the 911 Operator ensures there is no emergency and advises you can hang-up.

The Oak Bay Police would again like to remind you to safety check your vehicles.  As we are approaching colder weather and encounter frost in the mornings please take the time to properly clear, scrape and defrost your windows to ensure that you have adequate visibility for safe driving.   

If you have information regarding these or any crime, phone Oak Bay Police at 250-592-2424 or Crime stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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