Weekly Media Release Oct.7 – Oct. 14

On October 7th the Oak Bay Police received a report of a theft that occurred in the 2200 block of Oak Bay Avenue at a business.  It is believed that the suspect entered the business and removed the cash float while the workers were downstairs. 

On October 8th the Oak Bay Police received a report of a motor vehicle hit and run in the parking lot of Island Savings.  A vehicle was backing up and made contact with a parked vehicle.  After making contact, the female driver exited her vehicle, looked at the car, and drove away without leaving her information.  OB File 2019-3860.

On October 10th the Oak Bay Police received a report of a theft that occurred in the 1300 block of Beach Drive sometime between October 9th and October 10th.  A Blk/Yellow Norco Rd bike, with a silver rack, had the cable lock cut that secured it to the bike rack.  The Oak Bay Police want to recommend you register you bicycles with your local police department.

On October 10th the Oak Bay Police received a report of a fraud.  The complainant advised that she received a call from an unknown caller advising that her hydro account was in arrears and she needed to bring them money before her hydro is cut off.  Local police departments are still getting numerous calls in regard to these types of frauds.  Please do not meet anyone to give them money or send money over the phone.  When a caller advises that you owe money, hang up and confirm the authenticity of these types of calls directly with the Company in question. 

On October 10th the Oak Bay Police attended a traffic incident involving a vehicle and a cyclist at the intersection of Neil St. and Foul Bay Rd.  The vehicle was making a left turn and did not see the cyclist approaching.  The cyclist received minor injuries.  OB File 2019-3885.

On October 11 the Oak Bay Police responded to an Uttering Threats call in the 2500 blk of Beach Drive.  The complainant stated that a male had asked her for a cigarette and when she stated “no” the male threatened to slit her throat and stated he was going to kill her and her husband.  The male was located by police and immediately became hostile and aggressive, threatening to kill the police officer. The male was taken in to custody. The matter is still under investigation.  OB File 2019-3898.

On October 12th the Oak Bay Police assisted Victoria City Police look for a male that was wanted for assault with a weapon resulting from a stabbing that had occurred in Esquimalt.  An Oak Bay Police member located the male behind the Oak Bay High School and spoke with him until Victoria City Police members arrived and arrested the male without incident.  OB File 2019-3922.

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