Weekly Media Release October 22nd, 2012

Weekly Media Release:

News Release for week of 14-21 October 2012

During this past week, the Oak Bay Police Department (OBPD) responded to 76 calls for service. Of those 76 calls, there were 5 mischief (damage to property) calls, 1 theft from vehicle, 1 theft of bicycle, 1 motor vehicle collision, 1 fraud, 10 false alarms, 11 suspicious occurrences, with the remainder of the calls being other calls for service.

On October 15th, someone damaged several lamp posts in the area Goldsmith St, and on October 16th and 19th, minor damage to police property was observed.

On October 16th, a wallet was stolen from a parked vehicle in the 700 block of Transit Rd, no suspect was located. Police are reminding Oak Bay residences not to leave their personal belonging in their vehicles.

On October 18th, an Oak Bay residence was the victim of a credit card fraud resulting from VISA transactions originating in Cypress. There is little Police can do with out of country frauds, however, the Police are encouraging residence to review their credit card statements on a regular basis and report any suspicious transaction to their credit card company and to Police. Members of the public are also encouraged to contact “Phone Busters”, also known as the Canadian AntiFraud Center. This organization managed by the Government of Canada and the RCMP can be reached toll free at 1-888-495-8501, or by email at . This organization tracks credit card frauds and other related schemes and work with other countries to track and prosecute fraudsters.

On October 19th, 3 vehicles were damaged in the area of Lorne Ter. The damage occurred when it is believed someone took one of the vehicles out of gear, allowing the vehicle to roll into 2 other parked vehicles. There was an estimated $5000 damage to the vehicles. Also on October 19th, Police investigated a motor vehicle collision, which had occurred on Newport Ave. The collision occurred between a vehicle and bicycle, and fortunately, there were no injuries. Police are reminding drivers and cyclists alike to practice good driving habits and remember to follow the rules of the road. This collision resulted when the vehicle failed to yield the cyclist when the vehicle made a right hand turn, cutting off the cyclist.

Throughout this past week, police also responded to 10 false alarms and 11 reports of suspicious activity. Police are once again reminding residence to properly set or disarming their alarms when leaving their house, or upon returning. Police are also encouraging and thanking Oak Bay residence for reporting suspicious activity as indicated by the 11 reports from this past week.

Oak Bay Police Department

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