Weekly Media Release October 28th, 2012

Weekly Media Release:

Over this past week, members of the Oak Bay Police department attended to 71 calls for service. Seven of these calls were false residential alarms, three were reported thefts of bicycles (two from UVic) and two of the calls were reported thefts from unlocked vehicles where parking change was stolen.

On October 22, at 8:45am, police responded to a two vehicle collision on Musgrave Street by Willows School. The collision occurred as the streets were busy with school traffic when the driver of a vehicle opened her driver’s side door into the path of a southbound car. There were no injuries.

On October 22 at 4:30pm, police responded to another collision only this time it was between a vehicle and a cyclist at the intersection of Lansdowne and Foul Bay. The 27-year-old, male cyclist was travelling southbound on Foul Bay when a Toyota Corolla, driven by a 70-year-old female, turned left in front of him. The cyclist went over the hood of the car, landing on the pavement. He was taken to hospital and later released with relatively minor injuries.

At 3am on October 23, a resident of Cardiff Place called police after observing a male trying the door handles of parked cars and setting off an alarm before running away. The male was described as 5’7” tall, wearing a yellow shirt and black backpack. Two Oak Bay units, assisted by two Saanich units searched the area for the male. He was not located. Vehicles in the area were checked by police and no entries were noted.

At 7:45am on October 23, a resident of the 1400 block of Beach Drive was interrupted when a woman tapped on his ground floor apartment window. She told him that she had been assaulted and robbed and asked if she could have some money for cab fare. The resident stated that he would call the police for her and did just that. When he turned around, the woman had walked away. It has been determined that the woman’s actions were a ploy for money and that no robbery occurred. This is a variation of any number of similar scams that take place sporadically. Other incarnations include vehicle break-downs and money needed for a tow truck, gas or what have you. Others have tried explaining that they are a long lost relative in town and down on their luck. The complainant in this file did exactly the right thing in calling police. It is indeed possible that the person knocking on your door might be legitimate but calling police allows for verification of the story.

On October 23 at 8:00pm, police responded to another collision at Lansdowne and Foul Bay Road when a 28 year old woman was struck by a transit bus as she crossed Foul Bay Road in the crosswalk on the north side of the intersection. The investigation determined that the pedestrian was walking with the walk signal when the bus driver executed his left turn, northbound, onto Foul Bay. He didn’t see the pedestrian until it was too late. She was taken to hospital where it was determined that she had a broken arm. The driver of the bus will be charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for “Failing to Yield to Pedestrian” but it should also be noted that the pedestrian was wearing dark clothing and had been focussing on her iPod at the time of the collision.

On October 26 at 7:25am, police responded to a third collision at the intersection of Lansdowne and Foul Bay. An east bound Pontiac Sunfire, driven by a 17 year old male, turned left in front of westbound Toyota Solara, driven by a 71 year old male, as the light turned yellow. The impact was such that both vehicles sustained significant damage and air bags were deployed. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

With Halloween almost upon us, police would like to remind drivers, pedestrians and all of the ghosts and goblins to be extra careful. Safety precautions such as bright costumes, reflective tape and make-up as opposed to masks are great ideas. Children should be encouraged to walk instead of run between homes and should cross at crosswalks and intersections instead of crossing a road in midblock. Be safe and have fun!

Sgt. R. Smith
Oak Bay Police Department

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