Weekly Media Release Sept.14 – Sept. 20, 2020

This week in Oak Bay 11 thefts from unlocked vehicles were reported to police. The actual count is likely higher as many of these opportunistic thefts are not reported. I learned a while ago from a less than reputable source who referred to his activity of stealing from unlocked vehicles as “farming” cars. Remember to close the farm gate and leave the dog in the yard.

With summer coming to a close a few people are planning evening and weekend get togethers with friends and family. These events sometimes result in noise complaints which require police attendance. Police officers do not enjoy shutting down good times. Please be mindful of your neighbors who do not have the same days off that you do. Moving inside as it gets dark and keeping doors and windows shut can go a long way to keeping noise down and contained. Your neighbors will thank you and police won’t have to be the party poopers.

Early in the week, just before midnight, officers executed an outstanding West Shore RCMP warrant on a female residing in Oak Bay. The female was intercepted on her way home when she was advised of the warrant and placed under arrest. She became non-compliant and officers struggled to take the woman into custody in order to deal with the judicial order.

On Tuesday evening one of Oak Bay’s new officers responded to a complaint of vehicles “fish tailing” or swerving on the wet pavement on Cadboro Bay Rd. The officer, after parking and waiting some time, saw a convoy of about 10 vehicles travelling southbound on Cadboro Bay Rd. He followed and then observed an Infinity G35 stop at a stop sign. After leaving the stop he watched and listened as the vehicle’s engine revved up significantly and the driver caused the back end of his vehicle to spin out sideways before continuing straightening out. The officer pulled the vehicle over, ticketed the driver and impounded the vehicle for 7 days under Motor Vehicle Act laws pertaining to stunting.

In the very early morning hours on Thursday, the police responded to a commercial alarm at the Liquor Plus store in the 2500 block of Cadboro Bay Rd. A thief had thrown a large cement block against the glass door and then gained entry into the business. Stolen were several bottles of hard liquor. Police obtained good quality surveillance footage from the business which recorded the crime. From the video police obtained and circulated a still picture of the suspect to neighboring police agencies and received a possible suspect identification. Police will be forwarding charges and requesting a warrant of arrest for the suspect.

Thursday also saw the report of a bike theft from a local residence. The bike was taken some time overnight. The owners did have a serial number for the bike which gives them an increased chance to have their bike returned should it be located or found to be in someone’s possession. Police have noted that on occasions a potential bike thief will ride into Oak Bay on a piece of junk while looking to leave here with a noteworthy upgrade in model and features. Don’t be the victim of a crummy trade. Remember to keep your bike secured with a good lock. Light and even heavier cable locks are easily defeated by thieves that carry bolt cutters.

Certain areas in Oak Bay are continually plagued by speeding vehicles and the police often respond with enforcement measures. This week was no different with an area being identified as often having drivers appear to be driving too fast. Police have responded to noted areas in the past and at times found vehicle speeds to be within posted speed limits. Since Oak Bay roads are often narrow, with vehicles parked on both sides of the street, a vehicle travelling at 50 km/hr can appear to be travelling much faster. A strong argument can be made that such a vehicle is driving too fast for road conditions and can therefore still be ticketed for speeding. The vehicles that often speed in these areas are the residents themselves because they feel very familiar with the road. Please slow down. Remember, when you drive at a safe speed the person behind you will automatically drive at a safe speed as well.

A complaint of a somewhat disturbing nature was received as well on Thursday, namely a male on a bike was reported to be purposely and aggressively coughing on people while they were passing through Bowker Creek Park. Police received a good description of the male but were unable to locate him. Police are considering a possible suspect and will further investigate the matter.

On Friday evening Oak Bay Police received a complaint from a resident who had observed someone in a vehicle stopping near a residence and depositing a case of beer in shrubs on that property. Police attended and spoke to the property owner who did not lay claim to the beer. The attending officer seized the case of

beer and it will be held at the police department for a time before being destroyed. It is possible that the beer was bootlegged for minors who were too slow on the retrieval.

Very early on Sunday morning an Oak Bay Police officer stopped a speeding driver on Foul Bay Road. The driver was found to be intoxicated by alcohol and was issued a 90 day driving prohibition (IRP). His vehicle was impounded for 30 days as per the legislation. Please don’t drink and drive, just don’t.

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