Weekly Media Release September 16th, 2012

News Release Date: September 16, 2012 Weekly Media Release. Members of the Oak Bay Police Department attended 100 calls for service in this last week.

  • OB File #12-35322012-09-10 @ 0946 hrs

    On September 10, 2012 at approximately 9:45 am Security Officers employed by the University of Victoria reported a suspicious person on a bike wearing a gas mask and green camouflage clothing. The security officers advised that it appeared the suspicious person was avoiding them and had now disappeared off campus. Oak Bay Police and Saanich Police joined in the search and eventually located the suspicious person. A search was conducted which resulted in the seizure of a crack pipe and syringe. It was determined that the male arrested was on recognizance with condition not to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. The male was arrested for Breaching his Recognizance.

  • OB File #12-35382012-09-10 @ 1334 hrs

    UVIC Security contacted the OBPD regarding a break and enter that had occurred at the

    McLaren Building. A laptop was stolen from an office.

  • OB File #12-35772012-09-13 @ 1419 hrs

    The OBPD responded to a two vehicle MVI at the front entrance of Ring Road off Henderson Road. A UVIC student driver approached a stop sign to continue eastbound on Ring Road. The stop sign assisted in regulating traffic entering Ring Road off Henderson Road. A BC Transit bus had just entered Ring Road from Henderson Road and was travelling in the #2 lane (outside lane). The student driver proceeded to travel eastbound on Ring Road from the stop sign travelling in the #1 lane (inside lane). The student driver attempted to execute a lane change into the #2 lane and inadvertently hit the Transit Bus. There was significant damage to the student driver’s vehicle and the impact of the MVI shattered the driver’s side mirror of the bus. The student’s vehicle sustained approximately $5000.00 in damage and the bus sustained approximately $1500.00 in damage. No injuries occurred in the incident. The student driver was issued a violation ticket for ‘Changing Lanes Unsafely’, pursuant to the Section 151 (a) of the MVA. The prescribed fine is $109.00.

  • OB File #12-35802012-09-13 @ 1436 hrs

    An elderly female driver was exiting Theatre Lane onto Hampshire Road. The driver applied the accelerator instead of the brake causing her vehicle to crash over a cedar panel fence, drive across the front lawn of a residence and finally colliding with a hydro pole. The driver did not sustain any injuries. As a precautionary measure the OBPD forwarded a letter to the OSMV to request a Medical Fitness to drive.

  • OB File #12-36152012-09-15 @ 2300 hrs

    While on routine patrol members of the OBPD observed a group of males/females walking northbound on Gordon Head Road past Campus View Elementary. A male was found to be consuming liquor in public. The liquor was seized and the male was issued a Violation Ticket for ‘Consume Liquor in Public Place’ pursuant to Section 40(1) LCLA. The prescribed fine is $230.00.

  • OB File #12-36202012-09-16 @ 0242 hrs

    During routine patrol, members of the OBPD observed a 14 year-old youth hiding in the bushes in the 2200 block of Haultain Street. The young male was wearing a backpack and he had in his possession of one can of Bowen Island Pale Ale, two grams of dried marijuana stored in a glass jar and a ceramic marijuana pipe. The items were seized and a Violation Ticket was issued to the young offender for ‘Minor in Possession’, Section 34 (3) pursuant to the LCLA. The prescribed fine is $230.00.

  • OB File #12-36292012-09-16 @ 1630 hrs

    A local citizen reported to the OBPD that her 11 year- old daughter had found two suspicious looking plants growing in the Uplands Park. The plants, believed to be marihuana, were removed and submitted to property control for destruction.

Cst. Dalep
Oak Bay Police Department

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