Weekly Media Release September 23rd, 2012

News Release

Date: September 23, 2012

Weekly Media Release.

Members of the Oak Bay Police Department attended 99 calls for service in this last week.

  • OB File #12-36332012-09-17

    Sometime overnight an unknown culprit stole two vehicles in the 2500 block of Eastdowne Road. The registered owner inadvertently left both set of keys in one of his unlocked vehicles. One of the vehicles was located one block away on Haultain Street. The vehicle on Haultain Street did not have any damage, however it was rummaged through. The other vehicle is still outstanding and has not been recovered.

  • OB File #12-36342012-09-17

    Overnight an unknown culprit stole another vehicle in the 2100 block of Musgrave Street. The registered owner as in the previous incident left the keys in the vehicle. Police circulated the area and found the unoccupied vehicle parked in the 2400 block of Dalhousie Street. The vehicle was not damaged, however the culprit rummaged through the inside the car.

  • OB File #12-36362012-09-17

    A boat owner at the Oak Bay Marina reported that someone entered onto his pleasure boat and broke into the cabin. The culprit stole a relatively new Honda generator valued at $2500.00. The serial number was entered on CPIC and the Oak Bay Police are continuing to investigate this incident.

  • OB File #12-36372012-09-17

    Another boat owner at the Oak Bay Marina had a 32 foot outboard runabout dinghy stolen from his boat. The dinghy is solid blue with orange stripes and it is valued at $14000.00.

  • OB File #12-36632012-09-18 @ 2300 hrs

    A vehicle was observed driving at excessive rates of speed through the Uplands.The patrol officer could barely catch up to the speeding vehicle despite doing upwards of 120km/hr. The vehicle was stopped in Midland Circle of the Uplands. The driver was issued a violation ticket for excessive speed with a prescribed fine of $368.00 and the vehicle was impounded for seven days.

  • OB File #12-36572012-09-18

    A citizen reported that an illegally parked vehicle was in front of their residence in the 2600 block of Eastdowne Street. The vehicle’s licence plate was queried on CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) and it showed that the Toyota Corolla was stolen from the Victoria area. The Victoria Police Department and the registered owner of the vehicle were notified of the recovery.

  • OB File #12-37272012-09-23

    At approximately 1900 hours, the Oak Bay Police Department received a 911 call to respond to a three vehicle MVI with no injuries in the 2400 block of Cranmore Road. The investigation showed that the impaired driver side-swiped two unoccupied parked vehicles while driving eastbound on Cranmore Road. An Approved Screening Device (ASD) was administered and the reading showed a ‘FAIL’. The driver was issued a 90- day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

Cst. Dalep
Oak Bay Police Department

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