Weekly Media Release September 30 – October 6, 2019

On September 30 the Oak Bay Police received a report of a theft from vehicle in the 3200 blk of Weald Rd. Vehicle was again unlocked. If you do not want unknown persons rummaging through your
vehicles please keep it locked.

On October 2nd the Oak Bay Police assisted Oak Bay Fire with a car fire in the Monterey Recreation Center Parking lot. The fire was quickly put out and no damage outside of the vehicle occurred.

On October 4th a member of the Oak Bay Police issued a 24 hour prohibition and a 3-day IRP and towed both vehicles. A costly night out for those who do not wish to call a cab.

On October 4th the Oak Bay Police attended the Midland Rd traffic circle for a report of a vehicle resting on a light standard. The very new driver was driving too fast for road conditions and lost
control. Violation Ticket issued.

On October 6th, just after midnight, our officers were patrolling and saw a suspicious male. The male was arrested on outstanding warrants from VicPD. The male had a mask and tools in his

On October 6th, just before 11pm, a resident called about a male breaking into his vehicle. The
resident tried to hold the male but the male fled. We caught the male about a block away and arrested him. The male was known to us. He’s now facing charges.

The Oak Bay Police received 7 abandoned 911 calls. Please do not hang up if you call 911 in error. Stay on the phone and wait until the 911 Operator ensures there is no emergency and advises you
can hang-up.

The Oak Bay Police would like to remind you to safety check your vehicles. As we are approaching wetter weather and darker days, please ensure your vehicles are in good operating condition – windshield wipers are in good shape, tires have good tread, all your lights are in working order and your fluids are topped up.

If you have information regarding these or any crime, phone Oak Bay

Police at 250-592-2424 or Crime stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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