The Oak Bay Police Department’s Strategic Plan for 2018-2022 was developed with extensive internal and community consultation and input through 653 survey responses, community meetings, social media meetings, Oak Bay Police Department “All Staff” meetings, and interviews with stakeholders. The result is a focused plan that targets the key priorities expressed by our community.

Priority #1 – Community Engagement / Visibility

Objective: increase our Community Engagement and Visibility in the Community each year for the next 5 years. Sample initiatives to help reach our goal:
• Increase our bike patrols
• Create a liaison role for the senior’s centers and activities
• Create a website
• Increase our social media presence
• Hire more Reserve Constables
• Have ‘coffee with a cop’ sessions
• Participate in more events at our post-secondary institutions

Priority #2 – Property Crime

Objective: Lower property crime every year for the next five years. We already have a very low crime so this won’t be easy, but we’re excited about making Oak Bay even safer than it already. Sample initiatives to help reach our goal:

• Increasing education on the need to lock cars
• Working with the school & others on bike thefts
• Undercover operations
• Increasing bike patrols during the wee hours
• Bait bike operations
• Property Checks for those going out of town

Priority # 3 – Traffic

Objective: Lower the number of accidents in Oak Bay and make our roads safer each year for the next 5 years. Sample initiatives to help reach our goal:

  • Increase number of Traffic Projects (distracted driving, stop signs, speeding, impaired driving)
  • Increase number of hours dedicated to traffic enforcement
  • Ensure we are trained and ready for increased impaired driving by marijuana
  • School Zone enforcement
  • Educational campaigns
  • Work with partners such as ICBC & Oak Bay High
  • Ensure the Integrated Road Safety Unit is enforcing traffic in Oak Bay as per Memo of Understanding
  • Positive Ticketing Program

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