It is generally recognized that there are significant benefits gained through inter-force cooperation.  This includes:  economies of scale; access to specialized equipment, training and personnel; and, increased effectiveness in addressing criminal activity that affects more than one community.  A number of integrated teams have been developed in the CRD showing the high level of cooperation among the forces and the common goal of effective policing.  This has been further enhanced by including experts from non-police agencies in the areas of mental health and social work.  This has led to a holistic approach to areas such as domestic violence cases and persons with mental health or addiction issues.  The CRD is well served by these integrated units and the Oak Bay Police Department is proud to be a partner.

Governance of the area’s integrated teams is provided by a Joint Management Team made up of Deputy Chiefs from the participating forces.  Funding for the teams comes from the communities served through a comprehensive funding formula.  In certain cases funding comes from Federal or Provincial sources.

Integrated Mobile Crisis Response Team

The Integrated Mobile Crisis Response Team (I.M.C.R.T.) is team of eight professionals that include psychiatric nurses, social programs officers, youth and child clinicians and police officers. The team assists our department in dealing with crisis response incidents involving individuals suffering from a mental illness. This interdisciplinary response ensures that appropriate information is shared in a timely manner ensuring safety for the officers attending the situation and those that they are dealing with to resolve the issue. This team has the ability and resources to assist with all age groups and has the expertise and training to assist with the full spectrum of crises caused by mental health issues and addictions.

The Oak Bay Police Department currently contributes $18,175 to participate in this unit (2020).

Integrated Road Safety Unit – IRSU

The Integrated Road Safety Unit, more commonly known as IRSU, was formed in 2004 and is made up of fifteen traffic enforcement officers from the RCMP and Municipal Police agencies across the Capital Regional District.

IRSU’s mandate:

  • Harm reduction on BC roadways
  • Conduct strategic traffic enforcement in high collision areas in order to reduce the number of serious injury and fatal collisions on BC roads
  • Focus on seatbelt compliance, aggressive driving and impaired drivers – the three factors that contribute to most of the carnage on our roads (impaired driving is still the #1 criminal cause of death in Canada)
  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  • Criminal Interdiction
  • Assist Municipal and Provincial traffic enforcement units with strategic traffic enforcement operations

The Oak Bay Police Department currently has one officer seconded full time to the Integrated Road Safety Unit. This position is fully funded by the Province of British Columbia.

MYST-Mobile Youth Service Team

The Mobile Youth Service Team, MYST, was created 12 years ago to address the issue of Sexually Exploited Youth in the CRD. Currently the “Team” consists of one police officer.  This position is a plain clothes position and deals with high risk youth, from ages 13 to 18.

The main responsibilities of the MYST officer are:

  • Designing and delivering educational presentations to the youth and the community on Sexual Exploitation and drug awareness.
  • Gathering of Criminal Intelligence on the activities of the child sex workers and the activities of the pimps who exploit children.
  • Criminal enforcement – targeting pimps, “johns” and recruiters.
  • Working closely with the Youth Empowerment Society, Youth Probation, street level outreach workers, school counselors, the Boys and Girls Club and many other youth organizations in the community.
  • Supporting the youth at risk and their families.
  • Monitoring youth court when possible, as well as assisting the at risk youths through the court process.

The Oak Bay Police Department contributed $7,833 to participate in this unit in 2019.

Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia is mandated to facilitate the disruption and suppression of organized crime groups and the individuals that pose the highest risk to public safety due to gang violence. It is an integrated joint forces operation that develops and draws highly skilled officers from federal, provincial and municipal agencies. This integrated approach enhances intelligence sharing, coordination and strategic development against threats of violence posed by organized crime groups and gangs in our province.

The Oak Bay Police Department currently has one officer seconded full time to the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.  This position is fully funded through a Provincial and Federal Government partnership.

Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team

GVERT consists of a team of specially trained officers that all called in to deal with the highest risk incidents involving high risk arrests and violent barricaded persons. Team members undergo an extensive and challenging selection process and are required to attend monthly training sessions to maintain their skill set. The team has safely resolved hundreds of incidents in the Capital Regional District.  An Explosives Ordinance Disposal unit and Crisis Negotiation Team are embedded in the GVERT.

The Oak Bay Police Department contributed  $68,752 to participate in this unit in 2020.

Crowd Management Unit

The CMU is comprised of 48 police officers from the municipal police agencies in the Capital Regional District. Officers in the unit receive specialized training in crowd control techniques and tactics relevant to responding to large demonstrations.

The Oak Bay Police Department contributed $5,425 to participate this unit in 2020.

Regional Domestic Violence Unit

The RDVU provides follow-up services to select domestic violence cases where there is an elevated risk to victims, and/or their children, accompanied by a need for intensive victim support.  The team includes police, community based victim service providers, and the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).  Assigned members work full time on team activities.  The Victoria Woman’s Transition House, MCFD and all CRD police agencies participate.

The Oak Bay Police Department contributed $25,775 to participate this unit in 2020.


CRIMESTOPPERS is a community, media, and police cooperative program designed to involve the public in the fight against crime.  It guarantees anonymity to people wishing to provide tips on crime.  It is run by two civilian Program Coordinators, overseen by a Board of Directors.  Together, they are responsible for all aspects of the program, including tip management, operations policy, standards, fundraising, promotion, and education and awareness.  The program serves the CRD including some of the Gulf Island.  While reward pay outs for tips and advertising are based on donations, the staffing and administration are funded by the participating communities.

The Oak Bay Police Department contributed $8,268 to this unit in 2020.

Vancouver Island Major Crimes Unit

Member agencies of this unit are the RCMP, Victoria Police Department, Central Saanich Police Serivce, Saanich Police Department and the Oak Bay Police Department and establishes an integrated marjor crime unit for Vancouver Island and the Greater Victoria area.This unit’s mandate includes homicides; missing persons where foul play is suspected; police-related shootings causing bodily harm and/or death; police in-custody deaths, and unsolved homicides.  The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit is intended to gain the benefits of integration, where an effective case management system enhances communication and cooperation between the agencies in order to optimize and ensure success of the major crime investigations.

The Oak Bay Police Department contributed $88,769 to this unit in 2020.

INSET (Integrated National Security Enforcement Team)

National Security requires an integrated approach to ensure early detection and prevention of any potential threats to Canada and the public. The importance of greater integration of resources and intelligence has been heightened by the reality of terrorism for many countries, including Canada.

The RCMP has refocused its National Security Investigations Sections (NSIS) to become Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams (INSETs) in major centres throughout the country. The purpose for this is to increase the capacity for the collection, sharing and analysis of intelligence among partners with respect to individuals and entities that are a threat to national security and; create an enhanced investigative capacity to bring such individuals and entities to justice; and enhance partner agencies collective ability to combat national security threats and meet all specific mandate responsibilities, consistent with the laws of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

INSETs are made up of representatives of the RCMP, federal partners and agencies such as Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and provincial and municipal police services.

Through shared federal, provincial and municipal resources – INSET members are better able to track, deter, disrupt and prevent criminal activities (major or minor offences) of terrorist groups or individuals who pose a threat to Canada’s national security. This type of increased capacity enables INSET members to work with their partners nationally and internationally.

The mandate of INSETs is to:

  • Increase the capacity to collect, share and analyze intelligence among partners, with respect to targets (individuals) that are threat to national security.
  • To create an enhanced enforcement capacity to bring such targets to justice.
  • Enhance partner agencies’ collective ability to combat national security threats and meet specific mandate responsibilities.

For more information please see:  Greater Victoria Police Integrated Units Power Point Presentation – October 10, 2017

For the 2016/2017 Greater Victoria Police Integrated Units Annual Report see: Greater Victoria Integrated Units Annual Report 2017-18