Increasing Visibility Through Police Posts

High visibility policing is a high priority with the residents of Oak Bay, Oak Bay Council, and the Oak Bay Police Board. High visibility policing includes foot, bike, and vehicle patrols and static posts in high pedestrian areas. Each method has strengths and limitations in terms of visibility, mobility, and interaction.

The concentration of high pedestrian traffic in Oak Bay Village makes foot patrols and static police posts particularly worthwhile options. Patrol members frequently conduct foot patrols in Oak Bay Village, but the short distances mean that actual time spent can be of relatively short duration. To compliment foot patrols, the department has inaugurated a static Police Posts programme. In short, Police Posts see police remaining at a pre-designated location for a pre-scheduled amount of time, inviting members of the public who may be reluctant to visit the police station to interact with police in more informal circumstances. Police Posts function from the assigned officer’s patrol vehicle, which also provides a visual focal point, allows the officer to remain connected and immediately re-deployable if required.

Designated parking has been provided for police on Oak Bay Avenue in front of the Municipal Hall. Members of the Oak Bay police will be present at this location during scheduled community events, such as BIA Wednesday night markets during the summer and on Saturdays from 12 noon to one o’clock. A schedule will be displayed at the community notice board in front of the municipal hall adjacent to the designated parking site. Static Police Posts in conjunction with foot patrols deliver high visibility, approachability, and flexibility. Be sure to visit our members here.

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