The Oak Bay Police Department provides Police Information Checks for residents of Oak Bay working or volunteering in the Vulnerable Sector. For detailed information on the Police Information Check for Vulnerable Sector and the new Self-Declaration application forms, click here

How to Apply:


  • Attend the office at 1703 Monterey Ave, Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 4 pm.
  • Show two pieces of valid government-issued identification. One must be a photo ID.
  • For Volunteers: provide a signed letter from the organization indicating the position is volunteer and working with the Vulnerable Sector.
  • If fingerprinting is required, the applicant will be advised and an appointment time set up.
  • Pay the $70 fee with cash or cheque. If fingerprinting is required, there is an additional $25 fee (fee is waived for volunteers who provide a letter from the organization).
  • Pick up the completed form at our office and hand it in to the organization. An email copy will be provided at your request.

Processing Time: Police Vulnerable Sector Checks will be completed in one week unless you are advised otherwise.


Employment based Police Information Check – Vulnerable Sector:    $70
Fingerprinting for Vulnerable Sector Screening (if required):     $25
All fees are waived for volunteers with a valid letter from the requesting organization.

Police Information Checks & Fingerprinting for Non-Vulnerable Sector:

Police Information Checks and fingerprinting for non-vulnerable sector employment or volunteer positions can be obtained through The Corps of Commissionaires  Phone:  250-727-7755 local 100; or Sterling Backcheck   Phone: 1-866-881-2011

To obtain fingerprints for immigration, citizenship, foreign travel, visas, US waivers, legal name changes, pardon applications, security applications, and other purposes, contact Corps of Commissionaires.

Information for Employers and Volunteer Organizations:

Before requiring a potential volunteer or employee to attend a police agency for a police information check with vulnerable sector screening, every organization or public body is expected to be familiar, and ensure compliance, with the legal requirements concerning the collection, use and disclosure of the information obtained through such a check.

What is a Police Information Check with the Vulnerable Sector?

This check is performed only for an applicant who is identified as working with a person or organization responsible for the well-being of children under 18 years or with vulnerable persons who, because of their age, a disability, or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent, are in a position of dependence on others or are otherwise at greater risk than the general population of being harmed by persons in a position of authority or trust relative to them as is authorized under the Criminal Records Act.

The Police Vulnerable Sector Check discloses to the applicant:

  • All warrants, outstanding charges, and convictions.
  • Adverse contact found in police records databases.
  • It does NOT include youth offences unless provided for under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
  • Information on a sexual offence conviction where a pardon or record suspension has been granted.  Fingerprinting may be required*

The vulnerable sector check follows national RCMP policy which requires applicants who have a combination of name and/or gender and/or date-of-birth matching that of a pardoned sex offender to undergo fingerprinting to verify their identity.

Please Note: The Police Vulnerable Sector Check must be processed by the police service where you reside. Our office will verify that you are a resident and that the position is relative to the vulnerable sector. If it is not, we will be unable to process your request. (see Criminal Records Act, section 6.3(3) and 6.3(4))

Vulnerable sector checks can only be performed for positions located within Canada. Police agencies are not authorized to perform vulnerable sector checks for positions located outside of Canada. This rule applies even if the person will be working for a Canadian organization.