Weekly Media Release April 19 – April 25, 2021

OB File #2021-1131

On Tuesday April 20, 2021 at approximately 01:43am, police responded to a break and enter in progress on Rutland Rd.  The homeowners awoke to find a young male inside their home who appeared disoriented and confused and stated he must be in the wrong house.  After being confronted by the homeowners the male left without incident through the front door.  The male was not aggressive and did not make any threats toward to homeowners nor did not take any property.  Police thoroughly checked the area but were unable to locate the male.  It is believed he entered the home through an unlocked door.  Residents are reminded to lock exterior doors to your home, especially when not home or at night.

OB File #2021-1138

On Tuesday April 20, 2021 at approximately 9:00pm, Oak Bay Police were advised of a possible impaired driver in the area of Beach Dr. and King George Terrace.  Officers located the vehicle near Haynes Park and attempted to conduct a traffic stop to check the sobriety of the driver.  The driver failed to stop for police and continued north on Beach Dr.  The initial caller called back to advise that the vehicle had parked on Cavendish Rd and the driver had exited and walked to the beach with his dog.  Officers located the male on Willows Beach, at which time he was advised he was under arrest for suspicion of impaired driving.  The male became agitated and confrontational, yelling at officers that he had nothing to live for and asking to be shot by police before running into the water and swimming approximately 50m offshore.  After approximately 25 minutes of speaking with officers from the water the male came onto shore and was apprehended under the mental health act and transported to hospital for psychiatric evaluation.  The male was served a 24hr driving prohibition and a violation ticket for Driving without Consideration.

OB File #2021-1143

On Wednesday April 21, 2021 police received a fraud complaint advising that an unknown party had impersonated a neighbour via email.  The unknown party created an email address that appeared legitimate and sent a request to the complainant stating they were sick and needed $400 of Google Play cards.  The complainant believed the email to be from a neighbour and purchased the card and sent them electronically to the unknown party.  Shortly after the complainant contacted the neighbour in person and realized the fraud.  Citizens are reminded to be cautious of online scams and requests for gift cards as donation or as payment.

OB File #2021-1156

On Thursday April 22, 2021 police received a complaint of a stolen bicycle from the backyard of a residence on Falkland Rd.  The owner was unsure of the exact date of the theft as the bike was stored out of sight in the yard.  Oak Bay Police reminds owners to secure your bicycle with a high-quality lock or store it indoors.

OB File #1170

On Friday April 23, 2021 police received another complaint of a stolen bicycle, this time from the bike racks at Oak Bay High School.  The owner advised they had locked their bike up early in the morning and noticed later in the day that it was gone.  The bike had been secured to the rack with a lock, which was missing as well.

OB File #2021-1180

On Friday April 23, 2021 Victoria Police responded to a motor vehicle collision at Quadra St and Mason St.  The driver was believed to be impaired by drug and required an evaluation by a qualified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).  As Victoria Police did not have any available DRE’s Oak Bay Police volunteered to assist.  The Oak Bay member attended Victoria Police Department and conducted the evaluation, where it was determined that the driver was indeed impaired by drug.  The Oak Bay officer who attended has been named to Alexa’s Team for the past two years in recognition of his dedication and efforts to take impaired drivers off the road.

OB File #2021-1189

On Saturday April 24, 2021 police received report of a hit and run that occurred in the 1600 block of Monterey Ave at approximately 2:30pm.  The vehicle owner returned to their vehicle to find the driver side damaged with a large scratch stretching across both the front and rear doors.  There were no witnesses and no suspect vehicle information.  If you have any information, please contact Oak Bay Police.  Driver are reminded of your legal responsibility to stop and provide your information when involved in a collision, no matter if the vehicle is occupied or not.


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