Weekly Media Release for Feb. 22 – Feb. 28, 2021

On February 24, 2021 Oak Bay Police were contacted advising of an unfortunate incident. A young person (14 years) arranged over social media to purchase an article of clothing listed for sale. The young person met the seller in a public place and turned over the $25 cash for the purchase. The seller, also believed to be a young person, stated they would hand over the article of clothing “later”. The seller implied they both attended the same school and would make arrangements for the exchange. Shortly after the transaction the seller blocked all social media accounts leaving the buyer with no way to contact them. Through investigation it was confirmed the seller did not attended the same school and their identity is not yet known. (Oak Bay Police File 2021-493)
Tips when making purchases from strangers online.
1. Meet in a public place
2. Bring a friend and tell some one where you are going
3. Bring only the agreed upon amount of cash
4. Do the transaction in daylight hours
5. Complete the transaction fully in the first instance
6. Bring a phone with you
7. Listen to your instincts

A concerned citizen contacted Oak Bay Police reporting a drone was flying near the 200 block of Lorne Terrace at approximately 7:30 am on February 26, 2021. Officers responded to the area however the drone nor drone operator were located. Drone use is prohibited in Oak Bay under Transport Canada Regulations due to the proximity to airports in the area.
Please contact Oak Bay Police if you observe a drone being operated in Oak Bay. (Oak Bay Police File 2021-508)

A 54-year-old Victoria man driving a Mazda 3 was issued a violation ticket for following too closely (Motor Vehicle Act $109) after he struck the Subaru Impreza in front of him that stopped in order to allow a cyclist to pass on the right, prior to making a right turn into a parking lot. The incident took place on February 26, 2021 at approximately 4:00pm on Cadboro Bay road near Estevan Avenue. No one was injured. Damage to the vehicles is estimated to be more than $10,000 dollars. (Oak Bay Police File 2021-512)

On February 26, 2021 at approximately 8:45pm an Oak Bay Police Officer observed two 18-year-old men standing beside a vehicle parked at Oak Bay Highschool with numerous cans of alcoholic beverages lined up on the exterior of the car. The investigation resulted in one of the men receiving a violation ticket for minor in possession of liquor (Liquor Control and Licencing Act 78(1)(c) $230.00). Both men now understand that being “almost 19 years” is not the same as being 19 years old, which is the legal age to possess alcohol in British Columbia. (Oak Bay Police File 2021-514)

A 25-year-old Victoria man received a violation ticket after failing to stop at a stop sign on King George Terrace and Beach Drive on February 27, 2021 at approximately 2:00pm. During the traffic stop the Oak Bay Police Officer involved observed what appeared to be a police officer’s badge in a leather case with chain hanging from the rear-view mirror of the Ford Mustang. The badge was seized and upon inspection it was noted “Special Police” was inscribed on the badge and a police agency from within the Greater Victoria Area was referenced on the back of the badge. The imitation badge was seized to prevent continuation of the offence as it had been displayed in a manner that was to likely cause a person to believe the driver was a Police Officer, contrary to Section 130(1)(b) of the Criminal Code of Canada: 130(1) Everyone commits an offence who (a) falsely represents himself to be a peace officer or a public officer; or (b) not being a peace officer or public officer, uses a badge or article of uniform or equipment in a manner that is likely to cause persons to believe that he is a peace officer or a public officer, as the case may be. Charges are not being considered at this time as the driver had not been actively using the badge for personal gain or in the commissioning of an offence and has no history of such activity. (OBPD file 2021-526)


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