Weekly Media Release for June 28 – July 4, 2021

OB File #2021-1936
On Tuesday, June 29th, the Oak Bay Police Department conducted a roadblock in the 1400 block of Beach Drive. The police officer noted liquor indicia from the driver who failed to provide a proper breath sample into the approved screening device. The driver was issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition for the refusal. The 58- year-old female driver was prohibited from driving for 90 days and her vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

OB File #2021-1937
On Tuesday, June 29th, during the same roadblock noted above, a vehicle attempted to avoid the roadblock by driving down a side street. An officer immediately drove after the vehicle and noted it was parked on a side street with it’s lights off. The officer approached the 38-year-old female driver and detected an odor of liquor emanating from her breath. An approved screening device was administered which showed a “WARN” breath sample. The driver was issued a 3-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and her vehicle was impounded for 3 days.

OB File #2021-1977
On Thursday July 1st, another roadblock was set up in the 1900 block of Oak Bay Avenue. The officer immediately detected an odour of liquor from the 76-year-old male driver who provided a breath sample into the ASD which showed a “FAIL” reading. The driver was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded for 30-days.

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