February 6th Weekly Media Release

January 30th to February 5th, 2012

During the week from January 30th to February 5th, the Oak Bay Police Department responded to 127 calls for service.

OB File# 2012-311- Break & Enter

On January 30th, an apartment manager contacted the Oak Bay Police Department to report three of his laundry machines were damage overnight. The suspect pried off the coin deposit slide, but not able to gain access to the coin boxes.

OB File# 2012-313 – Minor MVI

On January 30th, police responded to a minor injury MVI on Oak Bay Avenue at Wilmot Place. The incident involved one vehicle which stopped for pedestrians and the second vehicle rear- ended the front vehicle. The driver of the front vehicle was transported to the Royal Jubilee Hospital for minor injuries consisting of soreness to the chest and neck. The driver responsible for the incident was issued a violation ticket for “Following to Close”, pursuant to Section 162 (1) of the MVA.

OB File# 2012-316 – Residential Break & Enter

On January 30th, a culprit smashed the glass to the outside basement door with a piece of cement. The suspect stole two laptops, Xbox and games.

OB File# 2012-364 – Domestic Assault

On February 2nd at approximately 2:00 am, the Oak Bay Police Department responded to a domestic dispute between an adult male and female. The male reported that his girlfriend was throwing beer and punching him. The female offender was arrested for Breach of Bail because she was not to have contact with the male. The female was previously charged for assaulting the same male on two separate occasions.

OB File# 2012- 369 – Natural Gas Leak

On February 2nd, in the 700 block of Victoria Avenue police attended to assist with securing the street between Pentland and Central to facilitate a gas leak repair. Barricades and police tape were erected to secure the area.

OB File# 2012-379 – Theft from Motor Vehicle

On February 2nd, the culprit entered an unoccupied insecure vehicle parked on the roadway in the 2000 block of Crescent Road. The culprit stole a Dell computer valued at $1000.00 and a pair of women’s sunglasses.

OB File# 2012-403 – Uninsured Vehicle

On February 5th at approximately 12:15 am, the police conducted routine patrols around the Oak Bay Recreation Center. The police observed a male in a hoodie approach a vehicle and prepare to drive away. The licence plate was queried and the police records showed that the insurance was expired. The vehicle was towed from the scene and the driver was given a verbal warning.

OB File# 2012-406- Theft from Motor Vehicle

On February 5th, at approximately 4:15 am the Oak Bay Police Department received a report of a theft in progress from a vehicle which was parked in 3300 block of Woodburn Avenue. The complainant heard a loud noise and went to the front of house to find a male in his early twenties running towards Henderson Road. The driver’s side front window had been struck several times with a pick axe that was left laying beside the car. It was an old tool with a rough wooden and soiled handle. The suspect stole a briefcase and an Apple iPad valued at $2000.00.

On February 3rd, the Oak Bay Police Department conducted traffic enforcement for one hour period in the 3400 block of Henderson Road. Members issued 11 tickets while conducting stationary radar. The majority of the violators received tickets for speeding and additional tickets were issued to drivers for not wearing their seatbelts. The speeding tickets were issued pursuant to Section 146 (7) of the MVA with a prescribed fine of $138.00 and Fail to Wear Seatbelt has a prescribed fine for $220.00.

On February 5th, at approximately 1:00 am, while conducting foot patrols near Oak Bay High School five youths were observed standing beside an unoccupied vehicle in the parking lot at the end of Goldsmith Street. Upon police presence two female youths tried to hide their liquor under the vehicle. Both female youths received a violation ticket for “Minor in Possession”, Section 34 (3) pursuant to the Liquor Control & Licencing Act wih a prescribed fine of $220.00.

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