January 29th Weekly Media Release

This past week saw the members of the Oak Bay Police Department attend 82 calls for service. Among these calls were 3 driving under the influence of alcohol files, one traffic collision of note and several Break and Enters.

On the morning of January 24, 2012, police were called to an apartment building on Elgin Street when residents of the building awoke to find that their laundry room had been forcibly entered overnight. Once inside the laundry room, two locked coin boxes were broken open and the money removed. While the value of the theft is likely only $20, the value of the damage is estimated at $400. No suspect was seen however, fingerprints were lifted from the damaged machines.

On January 26, at 10:30am, OBPD received a call of a cyclist having crashed into the rear of a parked car. Upon attending, it was learned that the 17-year-old male had been riding with his head down and had simply hit the parked car. His momentum was such that he was launched from his bike head first through the rear window of the vehicle. Miraculously, and likely due in part to the fact that he was wearing a helmet, the youth’s injuries were limited to a gash to his cheek and a cut ear. He was transported to the hospital where he received 12 stitches and was released later in the day.

Also on January 26, police were called to Willows School where it had been discovered that a Break-In had occurred overnight. An alarm had been received from the school at 2:40am but was never passed on to the police when the attending security guard was unable to determine that entry to the school had been gained. A piece of electronic equipment valued at over $1000 was stolen. The Forensic Identification Unit was called to the scene and was successful in securing some evidence. The investigation is ongoing.

On January 27, at 3:45 in the afternoon, police were called to the Oak Bay Recreation Center when it was learned that several lockers had been entered and personal items taken. While the theft of items from unlocked lockers in public areas is not altogether uncommon, this particular incident is rare in that the lockers had been locked and entry was forced. Wallets and other items were taken. Video surveillance has been seized from the facility and police are working towards identifying a suspect.

Shortly before 1am on the 28th, police stopped a vehicle for speeding in the 2200 block of Cadboro Bay Road. A roadside screening test for alcohol was administered and the driver blew a “fail”, meaning that his blood alcohol level was over “100mg%”. The 23-year-old male was detained for impaired driving and subsequent tests of his breath at the police station have resulted in criminal charges pending.

About one and half hours later, a 29-year-old male was stopped on St. Ann Street. He too was suspected of having consumed liquor, was the subject of a roadside screening test and blew a “warn”, meaning his blood alcohol level was between “50-100mg%”. He was immediately prohibited from driving and his licence seized. He will not be charged criminally.

And finally with regard to impaired driving related files, a 31-year-old woman was found driving under the influence of alcohol on Victoria Avenue at 1:30am on the morning of January 29th. A roadside screening test was administered and the result warranted a 3-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition from driving. Her car was impounded.
Sometime between 8:00pm and 9:30pm on January 28th, a business was broken into at the corner of Bowker Avenue and Cadboro Bay Road. The break-in was noticed by a couple who had been out walking. The business is not alarmed so the exact time of the offence is not known. The window of the front door was smashed, the business entered and a computer was stolen. Evidence was found at the scene that is hoped might further the investigation.

Two more Break and Enters similar to the above occurred on January 29th. The first was reported to police at 9:30pm in the 2500 block of Cadboro Bay Road and the second was reported at 11:00pm in the 2000 block of Cadboro Bay Road. Both of the businesses were alarmed and police were on scene within minutes. Both businesses were entered by smashing the front door glass with a rock and, in both cases, the front till was entered. A police dog was called to the scene in both cases and indicated that the suspect had exited to the rear of the buildings before likely getting in a vehicle. Forensic identification services were called out and examined the scene for evidence and, in the latter of the two cases, video surveillance images have been seized. Nothing was taken from the first business and a small amount of cash was taken from the second. These matters are still under investigation.

Business owners are reminded not to keep cash in their premises overnight. Leaving the cash drawers of your tills open and visible also helps deter the thief
who may cause hundreds of dollars with of damage to your property just on the off chance your till contains money. Ensuring valuables are not visible from the street and that computers, monitors and electronics are secured will also help encourage a ne’er do well to leave your business alone.

Sgt. R. Smith Oak Bay Police

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