January 22nd, 2012 Weekly Media Release

The Oak Bay Police Department is pleased to announce that our web site ( now features Crime Maps for the municipality. The maps are broken down into two-week blocks. These maps plot Break and Enters, Incidents in general, Mischief, Theft from Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Incidents. While specific addresses are not shown, the public can see a snap shot of what is happening in our municipality.

With our first real week of snow and sub-zero temperatures motorists are reminded that snow on the outside, and frost and fog on the inside, of your car windows must be removed prior to driving in order to not only comply with the law, but to ensure that you can see clearly in order to drive safely. And homeowners and occupiers of property which abuts municipal sidewalks are reminded that they are responsible by by-law for promptly removing snow and ice from the sidewalks.

The very strong winds we experienced on Sunday the 22nd resulted in some downed power and telephone and cable lines. Our officers who closed the roads by parking their police vehicles across the road, emergency lights flashing, and in some cases placing traffic cones across the lanes, report that some motorists attempted to travel through the blocked roadway. The Oak Bay Police Department asks that you heed a closed roadway and find an alternate route.

On Sunday the 22nd a 42 yr old male was stopped for speeding in the 30 zone of Foul Bay Rd and was found to have been drinking alcohol. He was detained for impaired driving and now faces a 90 day driving prohibition in addition to Motor Vehicle Act charges and the impoundment of his vehicle. We have placed a 30 kmph radar activated speed sign on Foul Bay Rd at Brighton so please stick to the 30 kmph limit on this windy road.

Despite the above incident the Oak Bay Police are pleased with the high number of sober and seat-belted drivers we are meeting at out continuing and random Impaired Driving Check stops, not to mention the many partiers we have found doing the responsible thing by taking a taxi home. Thanks for helping to keep our roads safe.

A/Sgt E Thompson

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