Weekly Media Release for April 5 – April 11, 2021

File #2021-955.
On Monday, April 5th, the Oak Bay Police Department received a report of a theft at Oak Bay High School. A witness videotaped the suspect stealing a front tire from a bicycle on the school grounds. Unfortunately, the video was taken from a distance, the video was out of focus and the police were not able to identify the suspect.

OB File #2021-959
On Tuesday, April 6th, a patrol member was conducting radar enforcement in a school zone in the 1700 block of Beach Drive. While serving a violation ticket to another driver the patrol member’s attention was drawn to the noise of a vehicle revving its engine and accelerating northbound through the school crosswalk. A visual estimate of the vehicle speeding was between 60-70 km/hr in a posted 30km zone. The vehicle’s licence plate was obtained while departing the area and the police member attended the registered owner’s address and served a violation ticket for three Motor Vehicle Act violations:

 Drive Without Consideration Section 144 (1)(b) $368.00
 Speed in a School Zone Section 147 (1) $196.00
 Fail to Obey Police Direction Section 123 $109.00

OB File #2021-960
On Tuesday, April 6th, the Oak Bay Police Department received a report of a propane tank theft in the 1800 block of Monteith Street. The white double sized propane tank was on the owner’s property approximately 25 meters from the street. The propane tank would have been visible from the street while walking by the residence.

OB File #2021-989
On Thursday, April 8th, a patrol member conducted a vehicle stop in the 3900 block of Gordon Head Road. Police records indicated the vehicle had no insurance. While speaking with the driver who was being offered a ride home, the officer detected an odour of liquor emanating from the driver while seated in the police car. An ASD (approved screening device) was administered and the “N” driver provided a breath sample and was issued a 24 hr Prohibition. The vehicle was impounded and towed from the scene. A violation ticket was also issued to
the driver for driving contrary to restrictions.

OB File #2021-1012
On Saturday, April 10, the Oak Bay Police Department received a theft complaint from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. The theft occurred sometime between April 7th-10th. The stolen dinghy is a Grey West Marine, approximately 8 feet with a 3.3 black Mercury two stroke outboard motor attached to it. The approximate value for the boat and motor is $800.00. The investigation is ongoing in an attempt to obtain surveillance footage.

OB File #2021-1026
On Sunday, April 11th, the Oak Bay Police Department responded to single motor vehicle incident in the 2100 block of Oak Bay Avenue. The vehicle, a red Nissan Versa, was on the south sidewalk wedged between a rock wall and another vehicle. There was light post laying over the roof of the vehicle. The driver, a 56 year old female, was transported to the hospital and the investigator conducted a blood demand impaired investigation. The investigation is ongoing. 

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