Weekly Media Release for Mar 22 – Mar 28, 2021

On March 22nd police were called to Trafalgar Park on King George Terrace for a report of large black graffiti lettering on the stone wall on the south east end of the park. This occurred between March 13th and 22nd. The area is not covered by video surveillance. Public Works was contacted and was asked to remove the graffiti. (OBPD file 2021-776)

On March 22nd at 2:37pm police attended the Pharmasave at 2200 Oak Bay Ave for a report of a theft in progress. A Caucasian female, 35-40 yrs, wearing a blue/green/white toque, mask, grey Bench hoodie stole $1200 worth of items. Patrols for the female were negative. The female was captured on CCTV. File is still under investigation. (OBPD file 2021-783)

On March 23rd a complainant reported that his 1990 Marin Pink mountain bike (neon yellow with black speckle paint and a black basket on the front), was stolen from the 2100 block of Haultain St. between March 21st and March 23rd. The bike had been parked in an open parking lot behind a vehicle. A second theft was reported from the same location. Another bicycle, a Specialized brand mountain bike, was stolen during the same time frame. The second bicycle was locked with a cable lock to the wall behind a vehicle. Unfortunately, there is no CCTV to try and help identify a suspect. (OBPD files 2021-790 and 2021-794)

On March 23rd a complainant reported the theft of a full 20 pound propane tank stored in a carport in the 2700 block of Dufferin Ave. The theft had occurred within the last week. There is no CCTV at the residence to try and help identify a suspect. (OBPD file 2021-799)

On March 23rd a complainant reported that his electric bicycle, a $5000 black Townie Electra Ride with battery charger and two brown Orderly brand panniers had been stolen from his back garden shed in the 300 block of Beach Dr. The theft occurred between March 19th and March 23rd . Unfortunately, there are no leads to try and identify a suspect. (OBPD file 2021-803)

On March 24th a complainant attended the Oak Bay Police Department and reported a rental fraud through Craigslist for a property on Pandora Ave in Victoria. The complainant’s bank had found the transaction suspicious and cancelled and reversed the transaction. The person who had contacted the complainant for the money transfer advised that he lived in Spain. The communication was done mostly through email and some by telephone. Unfortunately, this type of fraud is common. For more information on frauds please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. (OBPD file 2021-810)

On March 25th a complainant reported that the back-driver side window of his vehicle had been smashed. The vehicle had been parked at Beach Dr/Orchard Ave all day and the mischief was discovered at 6:30pm. There is no surveillance in the area to help identify a suspect. (OBPD file 2021-819)

On March 26th at 2:15 pm police responded to the Monterey Center parking lot for a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle. The vehicle was exiting the parking lot and failed to stop at the stop sign hitting the pedestrian who was walking on the sidewalk. The pedestrian, a fifty nine year-old male, complained of pain to his right leg and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The driver of the vehicle, a sixty one year-old male, was issued a violation ticket for Failing to Obey a Stop Sign. The vehicle did not sustain any damage. (OBPD file 2021-827)

On March 27th a complainant reported graffiti from overnight at 2040 Oak Bay Ave, formerly known as Oak Bay Fitness. The following was spray painted on the side of the wall: a sun with tears, Mad World Bar, Sassy. The file is still under investigation. (OBPD file 2021-836)

On March 27th at approximately 10:35pm an Oak Bay Police member was travelling along the 900 block of Beach Dr. The member noted a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. The radar in the police vehicle registered the driver travelling at 114 km/h in a 40 km/h zone. The twenty four year-old male driver was issued a violation ticket for excessive speed over 60km/hr which has a fine amount of $483.00. The vehicle was also impounded for seven days. (OBPD file 2021-849)

On March 28th at 0912 hrs Oak Bay Police members attended a residential building and located a male with an outstanding Canada Wide Warrant. The twenty seven year-old male was arrested for the warrant and transported to the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre. (OBPD file 2021-853)

Oak Bay Police received a complaint on March 3, 2021, of an incident where a residence in the 2100 block of Bartlett Drive was listed for sale without the consent of the legal owner. The investigation revealed that an unknown person, purporting to be the owner, had been in contact by email with a property management company representative in early February 2021. The suspect advised that they had changed their email to a new email address and provided a new phone number. The suspect signed the email in the name of the true property owner but did not provide any proof of identification. In mid February the suspect contacted the property management company representative and requested a property valuation. The suspect was referred to a local realtor. The realtor completed a valuation and the suspect requested by email that the house be listed for sale. During this process the suspect provided a fraudulent passport in the name of the property owner and a fraudulent health card. The house was listed and there were showings of the residence to potential buyers. The realtor did explain to the suspect, via e-mail, that arrangements would have to be made with a Canadian lawyer before any offers to purchase could be considered. On March 2, 2021, a neighbor walking by the house noticed the realty sign and contacted the actual owner of the residence. The owner contacted the realtor to advise of the fraud and the listing was taken down. The incident was reported to police and investigated with the assistance of the Saanich Police Financial Crimes Unit. There was very limited suspect information to work with given that none of the witnesses had ever met in person with the suspect. The investigation is now concluded.

The entire staff at the Oak Bay Police Department sends their thoughts to the victims, families, witnesses, and first responders involved in the tragic event that unfolded in North Vancouver this past Saturday. We wish healing to everyone involved.

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