Weekly Media Release for Nov. 29 – Dec. 5, 2021

OB File #2021-3711
On Monday, November 29th, a local resident lost a Tiffany bracelet with three diamonds attached to it near her home in the 2500 block of Dunlevy Street. The bracelet is valued at $1100.00.

OB File #2021-3720
On Tuesday, November 30th, the Oak Bay Police received a report of some cut out decorations stolen from the entrance park at Oak Bay Avenue and Foul Bay Road. The items stolen were wooden painted characters including Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Sally and a few other characters. If located contact the Oak Bay Police at 250-592-2424.

OB File #2021-3732
On Wednesday, December 1st, a patrol officer observed a vehicle with an expired insurance decal leaving the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. Police records confirmed the vehicle had no insurance. The driver was issued a violation ticket for “No Insurance” that has a fine of $598.00.

OB File #2021-3733
On Wednesday, December 1st, a patrol member observed a vehicle parked in a bus zone at the intersection of Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Avenue. The vehicle was running, and the officer approached the driver who admitted to consuming liquor. An approved screening device (ASD) was administered, and the driver provided two samples of his breath which showed “WARN” readings. The driver was issued a 3-day immediate roadside prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for three days.

OB File #2021-3734
On Wednesday, December 1st, a patrol officer was conducting patrols at the intersection of Fort Street and Foul Bay Road and noted a vehicle driving without a front licence plate. A traffic stop was conducted, and the driver initially attempted to provide an incorrect name, however, he quickly admitted he was a prohibited driver. Police records confirmed the driver was prohibited and there was also a warrant for failing to attend court on a previous prohibited driving investigation. The driver was issued a Provincial Appearance Notice to attend court at a later date.

OB File #2021-3746
On Wednesday, December 1st, a local resident realized her elderly mother was involved with a potential telephone scam that occurred over two days. The unknown caller purported that she was an employee from the Royal Bank and her Visa account was comprised for $5000.00. The caller told the victim not to go to the bank as it was an “inside job”. The caller became angry at the victim and was yelling at her when the victim was not following the caller’s orders. The elderly person did not transfer any funds.
Banks will not use high pressured tactics over the phone, and they will not ask you to reveal personal information including your PIN, or passwords for online accounts. If you receive a phone call from your bank, claiming your account has been comprised, hang up and call back. Find your banks phone number online or on a statement to insure you’re calling the bank and not the scammer. Never give personal information to unsolicited callers.

OB File #2021-3748
On Wednesday, December 1st, the Oak Bay Police received a report of theft from his motor vehicle which was parked in the 2100 block of Cedar Hill Cross Road. The owner had his vehicle parked for approximately one hour and then returned and noticed several items missing. The owner also stated that he left his vehicle locked when it was parked and when he returned the vehicle was still locked.
The following items were stolen: vehicle registration, black/red Beats headphones, green 30L North Face duffel bag containing clothing, queen purple duvet and a pillow.

OB File #2021-3769
On Friday, December 3rd, the Oak Bay Police Department received a report of a stolen bicycle from the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. The bicycle was locked on the Goldsmith side of the recreation centre and when he returned his bicycle was stolen. The bicycle is described as a men’s, red TREK mountain bike with a Pacific Salmon Foundation sticker on the frame.

OB File #2021-3775
On Saturday, December 4th, a local business on Oak Bay Avenue reported theft of bottles from a secured cage. The suspect was seen on the CCTV camera and is described as wearing a jacket with a hoodie, long pants and a backpack. Unfortunately, the CCTV camera only showed the back of the suspect.

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