Weekly Media Release for Oct. 4 – Oct. 11, 2021

OB File #2021-3109

On Wednesday, October 6th, the Oak Bay Police received a report of a stolen auto in the 1000 block of Island Road. The registered owner believed he dropped his vehicle keys the night before and in the morning he noticed his vehicle was stolen. The vehicle was recovered on October 10th on Carey Road, located in the Municipality of Saanich. The investigator has requested the Forensic Identification Section to examine the vehicle for latent fingerprints.

OB File #2021-3130

On Thursday, October 7th, the Oak Bay Police received an attempt Joker Mastercard Gift Card fraud complaint from a local resident. The homeowner was contacted by a fraudster using a 647-792-4250 phone number and was informed that there was a fraudulent transaction on her credit card for several thousand dollars. The fraudster stated the merchant is disputing the service charge and they needed their help to investigate the purchase. The fraudster informed the caller that their credit card was locked and to unlock the credit card the caller was requested to attend a specific Shoppers Drug Mart to purchase 8 x Joker Mastercard’s in $208.00 denominations then provide the PIN to the fraudster. The caller was informed they would receive a certification of completion from the RCMP. The caller then was requested to go to another store to purchase more cards. The caller felt strange about the interaction with the fraudster who became angry, and the interaction ceased at that moment.

There are few simple tips to protect yourself from these types of frauds:

  • Hang up the phone if you receive one of these calls.
  • Call your bank or credit card company to verify the legitimacy of people claiming to be “investigators”.
  • Call family members and tell them. Often scammers will instruct victims not to disclose to anyone what is happening.
  • Protect your personal information. Never give out your name, date of birth, social insurance number, address, banking and credit card information or passwords to anyone you don’t know.
  • If you didn’t initiate the call, you don’t know who you’re talking to so again- hang up.
  • No legitimate organization will contact you and ask for payment in gift cards or prepaid cards.

Scammers are experts at creating a sense of panic and urgency. Always report a fraud to the police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by calling toll free 1-888-495-8501.

OB File #2021-3132

On Thursday, October 7th, the Oak Bay Police received a theft report from the Oak Bay Recreation Centre. Hockey players were on the ice when a suspect entered the locker room and stole a blue MEC backpack which had a EpiPen, various medications, and a black iPhone XR. Two additional cellphones a silver iPhone X and a black iPhone XR were stolen from other hockey players. The investigator is obtaining the CCTV footage in attempt to identify the suspect.

OB File #2021-3154

On Sunday, October 10th, the Oak Bay Police received an overnight theft from motor vehicle complaint in the 1000 block of Newport Avenue. The unlocked vehicle was parked in the driveway. The suspect stole a portable power station with jumper cables, a case of drinking water and $500.00 cash taken from the centre console.

OB File #2021-3155

On Sunday October 10th, the Oak Bay Police received another theft from auto complaint in the 2100 block of Bartlett Avenue. The suspect entered the unlocked vehicle and stole a pair of sunglasses. Approximate value $300.00.

OB File #2021-3160

On Monday, October 11th, the Oak Bay Police received a theft complaint from a business in the 2200 block of Oak Bay Avenue. The suspect entered the store and stole a robe and an electric razor. Approximate value of the stole items was $200.00. CCTV footage was available, a photo was obtained, and the police are attempting to identify the male suspect.

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