Weekly Media Release for Sept. 13 – Sept. 19, 2021

OB File #2021-2889
On Thursday, September 16th, the Oak Bay Police received a theft from the Oak Bay Marina of a stolen Delta Orca rigid inflatable boat (8.5’) with an attached Suzuki 2.5 hp motor. The boat had a full tank of gas, a set of oars, an anchor, a Scotty heaving line, and a pair of billabong booties. The information was passed onto the RCMP Shiprider Marine Section and they arrested a 41-year-old male in Cadboro Bay who was in possession of the stolen boat, motor and anchor.

OB File #2021-2894
On Thursday, September 16th, the Oak Bay Police received a second complaint of a stolen inflatable dingy from the Oak Bay Marina. The dingy was on a hydraulic lift and described as a Walker Bay Genesis 10’6”, grey inflatable with a fibre glass bottom with an attached 9.9 Tohatsu Outboard motor. The complainant also informed the investigator that he had his 15HP Mercury outboard motor stolen from the same dock from another boat he owned. The Tohatsu Outboard motor was recovered during the arrest in relation to file 2021-2889.

OB File #2021-2901
On Thursday, September 16th, a patrol member was conducting radar enforcement on Foul Bay Road. A white 2016 Toyota Corolla was travelling southbound at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was travelling 96km/hr in a posted 50 km/hr zone. The vehicle was impounded for seven days and the 18- year-old male driver was issued a violation ticket for excessive speed with a fine of $368.00.

OB File #2021-2902
On Thursday, September 16th, a second vehicle was impounded in the same area for excessive speed. A 2018 Alpha Romeo was traveling 106km/hr in a 50km/hr posted zone northbound on Foul Bay Road. The 18-year-old male novice driver had two passengers in his vehicle when pulled over by the police. The vehicle was impounded for seven days and the following fines were issued to the driver:
• Excessive Speed $368.00
• Drive Contrary to Restrictions $109.00
• Fail To Display “N” $109.00

OB File #2021-2905
On Friday, September 17th, the Oak Bay Police received a theft of bicycle report from Oak Bay High School. The bicycle was locked to a bicycle rack and when the owner returned the bicycle was stolen. The bicycle was described as a white Norco, 21 speed Indie mountain bike, 24” in size with disc brakes. The bicycle is valued at $600.00. There was no CCTV available.

OB File #2021-2909
On Saturday, September 18th at approximately 2 am, the Oak Bay Police observed a suspicious vehicle, a grey 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, parked in the 3800 block of Shelbourne Street. The male seated in the driver’s seat and the female passenger appeared to be passed out. The 40-year-old male driver had the appearance of overdosing and the officer noted the keys were in the ignition. The officer knocked on the passenger window and both occupants woke up and appeared out of it. They were confused and unable to process what was going on. The officer noted some drug paraphernalia and white residue consistent in using drugs. Based on the officer’s observations the driver was arrested for Care and Control of a Conveyance While Impaired By Drug. The male was searched incident to lawful arrest and a new syringe in a package and a new spoon were seized. The driver was escorted to the Oak Bay Police Department to be evaluated by a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). The male refused and the officers explained the jeopardy of refusing the DRE demand which would result in a criminal code offence. The driver understood the consequences of the refusal, he was also issued a 90-day driving prohibition and a subsequent charge of possession of a dangerous weapon for possessing bear spray. The accused was released on Appearance Notice to attend court at a later date.

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