Weekly Media Release for Aug. 16th – Aug. 22nd, 2021

OB File #2021-2557
On Monday, August 16th, the Oak Bay Police received a report of an overnight theft from a motor vehicle in the 2000 block of Allenby Street. The suspect entered an unlocked brown 1992 Ford Topaz and stole a few CD’s, small change and a pair of sunglasses. Total value of the theft is approximately $40.00.

OB File #2021-2561
On Monday, August 16th, the Oak Bay Police received a report of a stolen bicycle from a business located in the 2000 block of Oak Bay Avenue The owner of the stolen bicycle locked his black BMX bicycle in a parking lot (Approximate value: $1000.00) near his place of employment. The Oak Bay Police arrested a prolific offender last week and the bicycle in that incident belonged to this bicycle owner. An additional criminal charge of possession of stolen property will be forwarded to Crown Counsel regarding that investigation and the stolen bicycle will be returned to the owner.

OB File #2021-2565
On Monday, August 16th, the Oak Bay Police received a a report of a theft from an unlocked garage in the 3400 block of Cardiff Place. The suspect stole a set of golf clubs, a power drill, and a circular skil saw. Total approximate value of the stolen items is $5500.00. There was no CCTV available.

OB File #2021-2566
On Monday, August 16th, the Oak Bay Police Department received another report of a bicycle theft in the 1200 block of Victoria Avenue. The bicycle was stolen from homeowner’s backyard. The bicycle is described as a grey, ladies city bicycle (Approximate value: $200.00).

OB File #2021-2576
On Tuesday, August 17th, the Oak Bay Police Department received a $4000.00 fraud complaint from a resident in the 600 block of Linkleas Avenue. The homeowner received a text from his bank, when he clicked on the bank app on his cellphone the app required a thumb print for the password. When the app opened-up, it was in French and looked different from his bank app. The homeowner closed the app because it was glitching. A few days later the homeowner noticed two suspicious money transfers for $1500.00 & $2500.00. The bank reversed the charges and suspended the account.

OB File #2021-2582
On Tuesday, August 17th, a boat owner from the Royal Victoria Yacht Club reported that his 2.5 hp outboard Suzuki boat motor was stolen from his Catamaran boat (approximate value: $650.00). CCTV was available and the investigation is ongoing to identify the suspect.

OB File #2021-2598
On Thursday, August 19th, the Oak Bay Police responded to a liquor theft that occurred in the 2600 block of Cadboro Bay Road. The suspect stole two bottles of whiskey and was last seen walking westbound on Woodhouse Road. The employee provided a description of the suspect including a tattoo of a star on the suspects left hand. Patrols were conducted in the area and the suspect was in the vicinity of Epworth Street and Florence Street where he dumped his backpack in an alley. The backpack was recovered which had the two stolen whiskey bottles inside. The suspect was arrested for theft under $5000.00 and released on an Undertaking to attend court a later date and not to attend the liquor store.

OB File #2021-2606
On Friday, August 20th, the Oak Bay Police Department received a theft complaint of commercial compactor in the 2600 block of Currie Road. The 2021 yellow Wacker Neuson valued at $8000.00 was stolen from the job site that was unlocked. The Oak Bay Police are requesting the assistance of the public to provide any information pertaining to this theft.

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