Weekly Media Release for June 14th – June 21st, 2021

OB File #2021-1730
On Tuesday, June 15th, the Oak Bay Police Department responded to a break and enter in the 2200 block of Cadboro Bay Road. This building is under construction and the security guard noticed one of the doors was wired closed with an old telephone cable. Police attended along with the K-9, two suspects immediately fled the scene and were apprehended within the perimeter of the commercial property. They were released on an Undertaking to attend court and conditions not to attend this specific location.

OB File #2021-1736
On Wednesday, June 16th the Oak Bay Police Department received a report of two bicycles that were stolen from a garage in the 200 block of Denison Road. The homeowner inadvertently left the garage door open overnight. The bicycles are described as:
A yellow Scott road bicycle (approximate value: $3500.00)
A white Schwinn hybrid with a red rack pannier (approximate value: $1000.00)

OB File #2021-1785
On Saturday, June 19th, a patrol member was conducting a road check at Beach Drive and Dorset Road. The officer could smell freshly burnt marijuana from the vehicle. The 59-year-old male driver was given a Standard Field Sobriety Test. Based on the results of the test the driver was issued a 24-hour prohibition notice and his 2014 black Fiat was towed from the scene.

OB File #2021-1825
On the afternoon of June 21, 2021. an employee of the Cork & Barrel liquor store located at 118-2187 Oak Bay Ave, called police to report theft of an expensive bottle of scotch. A Caucasian male described as medium build, blue ball cap, grey shirt with a logo on the front, black pants, Adidas white shoes, and tattoo on left arm took a bottle of Macallan No. 6 from the shelf and left without paying. The bottle of whiskey was valued at $4636.99.


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